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Kay Wicks has degrees in general science and business administration. She recently completed a diploma in technical writing to enhance her skills and take on more structured writing assignments. She lives in Ontario, Canada.

Kay has worked in financial services for over 10 years. She loves to read and write. While she has many published articles relating to personal finance and green living, the variety of topics she writes about is also driven by a sense of curiosity and service. Freelance writing offers Kay a stimulating challenge that is a welcome change from her work and family commitments. She enjoys the process of researching, writing, and editing that is required to create quality content.

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How to Succeed in a Green Job

Much emphasis is placed today in creating a green economy. This involves introducing and practising new processes that help to reverse the depletion of resources and make our planet safe and healthy for all. Those employed in green jobs are helping in this transition. Green employees have a combination of skills that help them to make a valuable contribution to society. | Read More →

Words: 514   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: Kay Wicks

Financial Planning for a Happy Marriage

Financial planning is a key ingredient for a happy marriage. However, there are many instances of marriages falling apart due to money issues. Here are five important factors that a married couple can focus on to ensure financial stability and happiness. | Read More →

Words: 680   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: Kay Wicks

Insurance for Your Valuables

Does a standard home insurance policy provide adequate cover for the contents of your home? It may not if you own high value items such as jewelry, electronics or artwork. This article discusses how to insure your valuables and precautions you can take to keep them safe. | Read More →

Words: 702   Downloads: 0   Category: Insurance   By: Kay Wicks

Getting the Best From a Mentoring Partnership

Mentoring partnerships are actively promoted in many work settings to develop the skills of employees and groom them for more responsible roles. These relationships help improve employee morale and reduce turnover. A person embarking on a second career can also benefit from a mentoring partnership. A mentor is invaluable in such a situation to provide advice and guidance on gaining experience in a new field. A well planned mentoring partnership can be an enriching experience for both mentor and mentee. | Read More →

Words: 727   Downloads: 1   Category: Careers   By: Kay Wicks

4 Tips to Writing an Effective Press Release

How does a company generate publicity for its press release? Writing an effective press release requires an understanding of the type of message to be delivered and how it should be written and distributed. This article provides 4 tips on how a company can get publicity by writing an effective press release. | Read More →

Words: 562   Downloads: 1   Category: Marketing   By: Kay Wicks

Understanding the Difference Between Financial Fantasy and Reality

Fantasizing about money and the things money can buy leads many of us to an illusion that money is essential to our happiness. As women, we have to temper such yearnings by taking a realistic view of our current situation and our emotional relationship to money. What does money mean to us? Is it a way to buy more stuff and gain material comforts? Or is it a way of compromising on the things we want in favor of financial stability? Financial realism involves taking an overall approach to how we balance our check books and lifestyles. | Read More →

Words: 742   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: Kay Wicks

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