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Dr. E. C. Gordon (PhD) has studied psychology, health, philosophy, relationship counselling and sociology. She is happy to write in US or UK English, and she particularly enjoys writing articles and blog posts focused on health advice, nutrition, self improvement, relationships and dating.

In addition to regularly updating her inventory of articles, she welcomes private requests and relishes the challenge of writing about interesting new topics. She is a top writer in the following categories:
* Medical
* Dating
* Lifestyles
* Nutrition
* Weight loss
* Dental
* Sexuality
* Self improvement
* Psychology
* Mental
* Women's health
* Family
* Cats
* Divorce
* Lingerie
* Volunteering

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Nine Strategies for Improving Communication with Your Partner

If you can't communicate with your partner in an effective and productive way, small disagreements often spiral out of control. In the long term, poor communication typically leads to resentment, loneliness and a profound lack of intimacy. Thankfully, there are many things that you can do to fix this type of problem before it ruins your relationship. Discover nine powerful strategies for improving communication with your partner. | Read More →

Words: 740   Downloads: 3   Category: Self Improvement   By: Dr. E. C. Gordon

Five Major Myths That Are Preventing You from Losing Weight

It can be hard to know how to lose weight when you are surrounded by conflicting advice. For example, you might wonder whether all carbohydrates are bad, and you may be confused about the status of slimming pills. Debunking five of the most harmful myths about weight loss can help you to meet your goals. | Read More →

Words: 788   Downloads: 2   Category: Weight Loss   By: Dr. E. C. Gordon

Ten Tips That Will Help You Get Rid of Severe Period Pain

Unfortunately, the majority of women suffer from extremely painful cramps when they have their monthly period. However, most of these women exclusively turn to over-the-counter painkillers for relief. While such medications will help, there are other things that you can do in order to further reduce the severity of your cramps. Learn about ten interesting and effective ways to make period pain more bearable. | Read More →

Words: 846   Downloads: 1   Category: Womens Health   By: Dr. E. C. Gordon

Ten Surprising Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Young and Beautiful

Most people know that rich moisturizers and strong sunscreens can play a huge role in preventing wrinkles, but it turns out that there are many other smart things that you can do to promote a youthful complexion. For example, there are particular facial exercises that boost flexibility, and certain foods are directly connected to skin health. Discover ten surprising and powerful ways to keep your face looking young and beautiful for longer. | Read More →

Words: 690   Downloads: 4   Category: Beauty   By: Dr. E. C. Gordon

Five Ways to Create a New Outfit Using Only Accessories

Using the right accessories can transform a tired or plain outfit, instantly making it look brighter or classier. As a bonus, you will end up spending less money on clothes if you have the right necklaces, scarves and footwear at your disposal. Discover five smart ways to create a new outfit using only accessories. | Read More →

Words: 433   Downloads: 3   Category: Fashion   By: Dr. E. C. Gordon

The Ten Most Common Causes of Migraines

Approximately one in seven people suffer from migraines, and these headaches can be utterly debilitating. To make matters more complex, migraines might be triggered by everything from the contents of your meal to the lighting in your environment. Discover the most common causes of migraine headaches and learn how to compensate for them. | Read More →

Words: 919   Downloads: 2   Category: Medical   By: Dr. E. C. Gordon

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