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Charles Owen-Jackson is educated to A-Level standard in English Language and English Literature and has long been an enthusiastic writer. Currently based in Prague, Charles is from England, though he writes in both British and US English.

He has been writing web content since 2007. In his free time, he spends a lot of time working on a novel project as well. He specializes in writing articles on a wide variety of topics including computers, online business and marketing, travel and science.

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How to Choose a Point-Of-Sale System for Your Restaurant Business

Choosing the right point-of-sale system can make running a restaurant business much easier, but there are many factors to think about. This article explains the differences between web-based and on-premises systems and various other important considerations before making a decision. | Read More →

Words: 760   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: Charles Owen-Jackson

10 of the Biggest, Most Awe-Inspiring Machines in the World

While household technology sometimes seems to be getting too small for its own good, people still seem to be somewhat obsessed with building larger and larger machines to tackle more serious workloads. This article briefly highlights ten of the most enormous and ambitious engineering projects of modern times, ranging from Russia's 555-tonne military hovercraft to Europe's 17-mile-long particle collider. | Read More →

Words: 942   Downloads: 0   Category: Technology   By: Charles Owen-Jackson

How to Choose the Right Property Management System for Your Hotel Business

Today's hotel businesses rely heavily on property management systems for managing reservations, room inventories, customer details and more. As such, choosing a suitable solution, whether it's cloud- or server-based, is essential for the success and growth of the business. This in-depth 1424-word guide explains the options in details to help hotel businesses decide what's best for them. | Read More →

Words: 1424   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: Charles Owen-Jackson

How to Set Up a Data Centre – A Guide for SMBs

When people think of data centres, they often think of enormous server farms operated by huge companies. However, there are many situations where smaller businesses may need to maintain data centres of their own. This 2238-word article provides an in-depth guide into setting up a data centre for a small- to medium-sized business. Over several chapters, it discovers all of the important components of a data centre, such as the computing hardware options and requirements, electrical and cooling infrastructure, security and software. | Read More →

Words: 2245   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: Charles Owen-Jackson

Is Online Storage Right for Your Business?

The case for cloud computing platforms, particularly with regards to online storage, is becoming increasingly visible for SMBs seeking to run more cost-effective IT departments. However, online storage isn't necessarily the answer for everyone. This 1000-word guide, targeted towards small business owners and IT administrators, compares cloud-based and local storage to help determine the best solution for each business. | Read More →

Words: 1013   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: Charles Owen-Jackson

SMBs and On-Premises Computing – A Beginner’s Guide

Although cloud computing increasingly dominates the world of IT in the case of SMBs, the case for on-premises computing remains strong in certain environments. This 1746-word guide takes an in-depth look into on-premises computing for SMBs by discussing its pros and cons, the total cost of ownership and the components required for such a system. | Read More →

Words: 1746   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: Charles Owen-Jackson

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