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J.E. Carpenter has a B.S. in Psychology, an M.A.L.S. and a J.D. degree, as well as extensive experience in most aspects of investing and 25 years of experience in practicing law. This writer has broad knowledge of investment vehicles and financial management and has written for several different websites on financial, investment, and legal topics.

The author is also an experienced gardener and plant show judge and an officer in plant societies and has given many public presentations on topics related to indoor and outdoor gardening.

J.E. Carpenter's work has been published in BackHome, Writer's Journal, and GreenPrints. This author's short stories have also appeared in several magazines.

Carpenter's writing tastes and knowledge are eclectic. The author has written on topics as diverse as real estate law, portfolio management, gardening, psychology, religion and spirituality, acting and freelance writing.

Private requests are welcomed and can be tailored to buyer's specifications. 7/2018 update: At this time, I'm interested in new projects that would credit me as the author. If you are interested, I may be available to write in any of my areas of expertise.

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How to Start a Successful Solo Law Practice

This article explains how an attorney can start a solo practice without going broke. It starts with laying the groundwork and proceeds through the opening to the ongoing business. It emphasizes building relationships and controlling costs. | Read More →

Words: 772   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: J. E. Carpenter

Retirement Destinations: Fernandina Beach, Florida

This article explains why Fernandina Beach, Florida makes a unique choice for retirement. The article discusses 10 special features of the town, including history, shopping, weather, natural beauty and more. The tone is primarily positive. | Read More →

Words: 607   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: J. E. Carpenter

How to Survive a Blind Date

This article gives suggestions on how to survive and even enjoy the dreaded blind date. It gives safety tips and advises controlling your expectations. It recommends keeping an open mind and realizing the other person is as nervous as you are. | Read More →

Words: 485   Downloads: 0   Category: Dating   By: J. E. Carpenter

Dangerous Thoughts: Ideas That Can Destroy Your Investments

This article describes the mental errors that can cost investors a fortune, using clear and easily understood language. It warns against looking for a magic number when buying or selling, the hazards of confirmation bias, and the dangers of overconfidence. It also warns against using past performance to predict future results. | Read More →

Words: 944   Downloads: 0   Category: Finance   By: J. E. Carpenter

Choosing a Realtor to Sell Your Home

This is a comprehensive guide to choosing a Realtor to sell a home. It explains what a Realtor is and recommends interviewing at least three agents. It lists all the questions you should ask, from marketing strategies and valuation to the Realtor´s qualifications and contract terms. It gives tips for making the final selection. | Read More →

Words: 772   Downloads: 1   Category: Real Estate   By: J. E. Carpenter

What Smart Investors Know

This article discusses some of the investor behaviors that are statistically correlated with better performance. It explains that trading too frequently and getting too much information can hurt results. It also discusses characteristics of stocks that tend to beat the market, such as spinoffs, value stocks, low-priced stocks and smaller cap stocks. | Read More →

Words: 603   Downloads: 1   Category: Finance   By: J. E. Carpenter

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