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J.E. Carpenter has a B.S. in Psychology, an M.A.L.S. and a J.D. degree, as well as extensive experience in most aspects of investing and 25 years of experience in practicing law. This writer has broad knowledge of investment vehicles and financial management and has written for several different websites on financial, investment, and legal topics.

The author is also an experienced gardener and plant show judge and an officer in plant societies and has given many public presentations on topics related to indoor and outdoor gardening.

J.E. Carpenter's work has been published in BackHome, Writer's Journal, and GreenPrints. This author's short stories have also appeared in several magazines.

Carpenter's writing tastes and knowledge are eclectic. The author has written on topics as diverse as real estate law, portfolio management, gardening, psychology, religion and spirituality, acting and freelance writing.

Private requests are welcomed and can be tailored to buyer's specifications. 7/2018 update: At this time, I'm interested in new projects that would credit me as the author. If you are interested, I may be available to write in any of my areas of expertise.

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Film Review: The Conspirator

This is a review of The Conspirator, recently out on DVD. The film is the story of the arrest and trial of Mary Surratt, who ran the boarding house where her son and John Wilkes Booth met and plotted their crimes. The review focuses on the message and significance of the movie. | Read More →

Words: 448   Downloads: 0   Category: Movies & TV   By: J. E. Carpenter

Destination Review: Green Spring Gardens--Alexandria, Virginia

This review showcases the lovely Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia, within the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area. It highlights the gardens, the historic house, and other unique features of the gardens. It also describes the many special events that are held there. | Read More →

Words: 380   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: J. E. Carpenter

John Bogle: The Inventor of the Index Fund

This article profiles John Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard mutual fund family and the originator of the concept of indexing. It explains Bogle´s philosophy that investing should be simple and highlights other main concepts. It explains how indexing can be made even safer by using dollar cost averaging. | Read More →

Words: 640   Downloads: 0   Category: Finance   By: J. E. Carpenter

First-Time Buyer's Guide to Buying a House

This guide for first-time home buyers recommends choosing an area and a price range and attending some open houses before selecting a Realtor. It suggests a process for narrowing down the options, keeping must-have features front and center and eliminating properties with serious problems. It reminds buyers that emotional factors can play a role once the bad buys have been eliminated. | Read More →

Words: 792   Downloads: 1   Category: Real Estate   By: J. E. Carpenter

Benjamin Graham, the Father of Value Investing

This article profiles legendary investor Benjamin Graham, who taught Warren Buffett how to invest. It explains the basic concepts of Graham´s method, including the "margin of safety." It contrast Graham´s methods with Modern Porfolio Theory. | Read More →

Words: 968   Downloads: 0   Category: Finance   By: J. E. Carpenter

Why Are Earthquakes So Unpredictable?

This article explains why an earthquake can´t be predicted as easily as a hurricane or a tornado. It describes the probability modeling that scientists presently use. It also describes some ways the research is being refined and improved and other avenues that are being explored in the hopes of better predictions. | Read More →

Words: 487   Downloads: 2   Category: Environmental   By: J. E. Carpenter

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