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As one of Constant-Content's top marketing (http://bit.ly/marketingwriters), business development (http://bit.ly/businessdevelopmentwriters), entrepreneurship (http://bit.ly/entrepreneurshipwriters), and blockchain writers (http://bit.ly/blockchainwriters), Hired Gun Writing is your source for content you can trust. Whether you need business blog posts for your company's website, thought leadership content for LinkedIn/Medium, white papers for lead generation, company spotlights/CEO interviews to submit to online publications, or SEO articles to boost your company's position on Google, you can trust Hired Gun Writing to deliver high-caliber content. Hired Gun Writing has created content for everyone from startup CEOs and angel investors to tech publications and international news organizations. Hired Gun's ghostwritten content has appeared on a multitude of high-profile sites including Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, LinkedIn Pulse, and numerous VC-funded tech blogs. Her bylined content can be found on numerous sites including the Constant Content blog.

Specialties include:


B2C/B2B/Business-to-Business Sales Development
Crowdfunding/Equity Crowdfunding
Crowdsourcing/Sharing Economy
Entrepreneurship/Tips for Entrepreneurs
Fitness/Health/Nutrition Affiliate Marketing
Freelancing/Remote Working/Blogging/Tips for Digital Nomads
Marketing/Business Growth/Growth Hacking
Online Business/Business Development
Real Estate
SaaS/Software as a Service
SEO/Search Engine Optimization
Small Business/Small Business Tips
Social Media/Content Marketing/Inbound Marketing
Startups/Tips for Startups/Startup Profiles/Angel Investor Tips
User Experience/User Design/UX
WordPress/Tips for WordPress Developers


App Development/Tips for Developers/DevOps/App Marketing
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Autonomous Vehicles
Big Data/Data Analytics
Cloud Computing/Cloud Security/Cloud Technology
dApps/dApp Development
Mobile Technology/Apps/iOS/Android/Mac/Mac Apps
Software Engineering/Programming/IT
Voice-Enabled/Voice Controlled/Voice Recognition
Wearables/Wearable Devices/Apps for Wearables

Regardless of business niche, Hired Gun Writing is able to source current trending data to create engaging, share-worthy content (breaking news content available via private request).Thank you for considering Constant-Content's Hired Gun Writing for your business writing needs.

***Should you require custom content, please message Hired Gun Writing via the Constant Content messaging system and indicate topic, word count, target audience, and content goal. Your message will be returned promptly with pricing for your project. Bulk rates are available for monthly blog post packages.***

(If you want to see more content on a particular topic, need social media snippets for sharing online, or want custom social media images/infographics, please feel free to send a message to Hired Gun Writing via Constant-Content's messaging system.)

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