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Daniel Moss has been writing professionally since 2009, specializing in online marketing, SEO, content marketing, and online business development topics. He is currently second on the list of top ten marketing writers on Constant Content and has been published on numerous blogs and websites in the US, the UK, and around the world.

As well as writing articles, blog posts, web pages, SEO content, video scripts, and white papers for numerous digital marketing agencies, he has also written on subjects as diverse as parenting, dating, nutrition, and mental health. He is happy to accept private requests, which currently make up the majority of his work here at Constant Content.

Daniel Moss currently resides in the picturesque county of Shropshire, UK. When he isn't glued to a computer screen, he spends time with his daughter, loves to cook, and tries to catch up with all the great movies he should have seen years ago.


Digital Marketing
B2C/Business-to-Consumer Marketing
Online Business
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Sales Psychology
Tips for Small Businesses
Website Design
User Experience/UX
Freelance Writing Tips
Blog Writing / Blogging
SEO/Search Engine Optimization

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Effective SEO Strategies for Your Facebook Business Page

If you’re going to use Facebook for business marketing purposes, it’s important to take the proper steps to give your page as much SEO power as possible. With a few simple adjustments, your page can be more attractive to users and gain a higher ranking with the search engines. This 710-word article describes the numerous ways you can improve the SEO performance of your Facebook business page, which should ultimately help your page (and business) reach more fans, not only on Facebook, but also throughout the internet. | Read More →

Words: 710   Downloads: 5   Category: Online Business   By: Daniel Moss

The Green Gardener: Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips

Gardening advice for anyone who wants to be more eco-friendly, including around 20 tips (recycling methods, eco-friendly products, supporting and attracting local wildlife, reducing household bills, and more). This 695 word article is suitable reading for anyone who cares about their environmental impact and wants to be more proactive. | Read More →

Words: 695   Downloads: 1   Category: Eco-Friendly   By: Daniel Moss

The Royal Wedding: All You Need to Know

On April 29 the whole world will be watching as Prince William and Catherine Middleton marry at Westminster Abbey in London. This 770 word article includes facts about the ceremony, the procession, the guests, the royal kiss, and speculation on the wedding dress. Suitable reading for anyone interested in the details of this unique royal occasion. | Read More →

Words: 770   Downloads: 2   Category: Europe   By: Daniel Moss

Eco-Friendly Family Cooking

Cooking is one area of our lives where we can make simple but effective eco-friendly changes. This 720 word article gives readers more than 20 useful tips for being more green in the kitchen. Valuable reading for parents who want to live more sustainably, and encourage their children to be more environmentally aware. | Read More →

Words: 720   Downloads: 4   Category: Environmental   By: Daniel Moss

Unwind Your Body and Mind: Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation

How do you reduce the symptoms of stress, such as muscle tension, high blood pressure, and insomnia? This 630 word article is a straightforward guide to Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), a simple and natural stress management technique that almost anyone can try at home. | Read More →

Words: 630   Downloads: 1   Category: Health & Lifestyles   By: Daniel Moss

The Potty Has Evolved: Introducing the Pourty Potty

The simple design of the potty has remained basically the same, until recently. An inventor from England has redesigned the traditional potty and come up with an ingenious new model: The Pourty potty. Read about why Jon Rathbone and his wife Lucy came up with the idea and formed their new company Waterly Bottom Products. This 660 word article features a direct quote from the inventor and company founder Jon Rathbone. Why is this new type of potty arguably the most desirable product for potty training parents? | Read More →

Words: 660   Downloads: 0   Category: Merchandise   By: Daniel Moss

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