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J. D's background is in advertising and PR, where he worked for over ten years in full service agencies. During that time he held senior positions including that of chief copywriter and CEO. Subsequently, he ran a business consultancy and training company.

Now, J. D. Fencer is a professional freelance writer and published author. He creates perceptive, well-researched content for a diverse range of clients on a wide variety of subjects. His portfolio is extensive and includes articles on business, health, travel, politics, economics, web design and development, technology, literature, music, the environment, cooking, fashion, alternative medicine and humor.

J. D. enjoys the challenge of novel assignments and especially welcomes private requests. He guarantees on time delivery of top-quality, snappy prose – if necessary styled to suit a particular target. He is experienced in article SEO. Check out his existing work at Constant Content. If you’d like to ask him any questions, he’d love to hear from you.

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Gut Feeling – How the Intestines Affect the Whole Body

Most people regard their digestive tract – their gut – as an organ with the single purpose of processing food. Scientists now realize that it is much more than that. They’ve discovered that it is a sort of second brain continually issuing vital instructions to every other part of the body. | Read More →

Words: 822   Downloads: 0   Category: Health & Lifestyles   By: J. D. Fencer

Book Review: “The Body” by Bill Bryson

Like virtually all Bill Bryson’s books, The Body is a layman’s guide. It explores the human body in minute detail through the author’s characteristic narrative style that’s both accessible and hilarious. It’s one of those rare works of non-fiction that’s both entertaining and informative. | Read More →

Words: 539   Downloads: 0   Category: Arts & Culture   By: J. D. Fencer

Creativity and Happiness – Different Sides of the Same Coin

Psychologists say that creativity promotes happiness and vice versa. Many adults believe they’re not creative, but acknowledge that they probably were as children. Experts say most people can rekindle that early creativity and so derive happiness from even mundane activities. This article takes a closer look. | Read More →

Words: 732   Downloads: 0   Category: Health & Lifestyles   By: J. D. Fencer

Do You Really Need a New Smartphone?

Manufacturers and network operators want people to change their smartphones frequently. Some users do because they like to have the latest model. A whole other group gets a kick out of doing the opposite: keeping their phone for as long as possible. This article examines how to do this. | Read More →

Words: 831   Downloads: 0   Category: Mobile Phones   By: J. D. Fencer

Airlines – the Industry Some People Love to Hate

Some criticism of the airline industry is justified, but some is unfair. This article takes a look at the industry’s efforts to address one of the most common criticism: pollution. It looks at how the industry is aggressively addressing the problem, but is also the ironic victim of its own success. | Read More →

Words: 928   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: J. D. Fencer

Consumer Right to Repair Laws May Soon Consign Planned Obsolescence to History

Every product has a limited lifespan. Some are preprogramed to fail earlier than they should, and some are made difficult to repair. This is called planned obsolescence and exists to ensure more sales and profits for manufacturers. Legislators around the world are finally drawing up laws to address the issue. | Read More →

Words: 1006   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: J. D. Fencer

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