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Archie is a full-time work-at-home guy who enjoys the task of writing the most, more than anything else in the world. He enjoys writing about the places he has traveled, the hottest computer gadget out in the market, or the latest craze on the Web. If you have a specific writing task for him, just ask!

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25 Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs

Pssst...Do you want to become a seasoned online marketer? There are 25 content marketing tools that you can utilize to your advantage. The even better news? There's no need to spend a cent to harness all these tools, which are surprisingly still pretty much underutilized in today's world. Yes, the best things in life are still free. Once you learn to master the best-kept secrets behind the 25 magical content marketing tools, you can change the rules of the game as far as content marketing goes. Well, you won't be a Jedi just yet. But you can be Han Solo with a Millennium Falcon that does 25 different tricks. So let's begin... | Read More →

Words: 2333   Downloads: 0   Category: Online Business   By: Archie Sicat

How Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress Played Out Like the Emperor's New Clothes

If Meghan Markle were to endeavor to write something like The Duchess' Diaries, someday, maybe she would explain the reason why her wedding dress was loose or why she had let her hair down, Rapunzel-style on the most important day of her life. However, she isn't beholden to anyone to explain her fashion sense. As a beacon of feminism and equality, the Duchess of Sussex has earned the right to be herself and this is certainly not just because she's now a royal. | Read More →

Words: 581   Downloads: 0   Category: Blog Entries   By: Archie Sicat

The Definitive Guide to New Laptop or Notebook Computer Management

Buying a new laptop or notebook computer can be a very daunting task, what with the myriad computer makes and models out there in the market. While all these compete for your attention, they not only put their best foot forward--these portable computers may even conceal their identity, like wolves in sheep’s clothing. And while your brain already resembles the condition of a CD spinning inside a drive, chances are, you’re not going to have a chance to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. It is likely to be a mixture of both! This 2,753-word article is a comprehensive attempt at helping you arrive at the best decision of which laptop or notebook to marry into, a decision that you can live with happily. Of course, the ever after depends entirely upon you, or how well you take good care of your investment by following the tried-and-tested tips which you are presented with. | Read More →

Words: 2753   Downloads: 0   Category: Computers   By: Archie Sicat

How to Publish Your Own Book

This indispensable guide provides much-needed help to a writer who wants to have his or her work published for the first time. | Read More →

Words: 1640   Downloads: 1   Category: Freelancing   By: Archie Sicat

How to Create Your Last Will and Testament

This article gives precious tips on how to go about preparing your Last Will and Testament in an expert way. | Read More →

Words: 1000   Downloads: 2   Category: Parenting   By: Archie Sicat

How to Write an Effective Love Letter

How to write an effective love letter, with a little help from Marquis de Sade and Valentino. | Read More →

Words: 800   Downloads: 2   Category: Relationships   By: Archie Sicat

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