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Add fresh content to your website, blog, or other online marketing system easily with pre-written or on spec content. I love writing and providing clients with articles they can use. I work from a home office where I tend my beautiful gardens in between projects. I'm a certified life coach, member of a small business organization, and a former home stager. My experience in these areas gives me more than ample topics to write on.

I specialize in articles on gardening, pets, small business marketing, real estate, home improvement, relationships, anxiety, depression, happiness, hope, and self-improvement.

I try to focus on a “why” and "what" — Why would your reader want to read this? — What will your reader take away? — What action might your reader take next? — How will this article entice him to take action?

My passions are writing, creating art, exercising, enjoying the outdoors, managing my home, gardening and landscaping.

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Ready, Set, Organize Your Clutter

What goes in, must come back out--someday. Every home has clutter--items no longer needed or that are worn out. We might refer to your home's inventory as 'stock'. When you replace your stock, the old stock needs a new home. You might want to translate your stock into cash, or simply find someone interested in making something useful of it for themselves. Consignment stores, free tables, online ads, and thrift shops are a few options for how to disburse your stock so your home can feel more peaceful and organized.

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Tips to Motivate You to Begin Decluttering

Everyone gathers clutter. It's the way of life in this era. Staying on top of your clutter is another matter. Home organization can be challenging with so many competing priorities. Yet, you know you will feel better once drawers and closets have been tidied. So what holds you back from getting started? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Words: 941   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: Joy R. Calderwood

Adopt This Simple Slogan to Keep Clutter Under Control

Having an intention of keeping a home clutter-free is a good thing. But it's easy to let things slide. Rather than becoming frustrated or angry with yourself or the others you live with where clutter is concerned, learn this handy new slogan that will teach you how to deal with clutter on a daily basis. This slogan, when recited to yourself, works as a prompt and gentle reminder to follow through with any task you are undertaking. The results will amaze you.

Words: 738   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: Joy R. Calderwood

Hard Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

Starting a business can sound exciting. Being successful, though, isn't a given. Start out right by asking yourself important questions. Decide if you can be in it for the long haul or if you will need assistance. Consider all the ins and outs and the potential risks. Develop a why statement to help remind you why you want to run your own business. If all the answers seem to come together, go for it. If more research is needed, pause. Work with a business coach, seek advice, or redraft your plan. Here are some hard questions to get you started.

Words: 808   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: Joy R. Calderwood

How to Boost Your Confidence Level

Everyone wants to be confident. Confidence can fluctuate though if you base it too much on the wrong things. To become confident takes vigilance and practice. To become confident you'll need to rule out negative voices in your own head--thoughts you tell yourself. You'll also need to decipher between helpful and damaging input from those around you. Here are a few strategies to keep in place to help you be the most confident self you can be.

Words: 975   Downloads: 0   Category: Self Improvement   By: Joy R. Calderwood

Boost Your Local Economy by Supporting Small Businesses

For a community to thrive, it helps to support locally-owned and operated small businesses. When they thrive, tax money is put back into your community. Small business staff put their own income back into the community. Often, you can get better prices from a small business than a larger well-known chain. Then again, those large chains that can buy large quantities in bulk challenge the viability of the small chain. Every so often it helps to prompt those in your community to think small business first. Here are a few good reasons to purchase locally.

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