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Susan M. Keenan, a professional freelance writer, holds a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Her repertoire of articles includes an eclectic array of topics including personal finance, beauty, travel, fashion, weddings, relationships, mortgages and loans, gardening, parenting, do-it-yourself, pets, and many more.

She enjoys the challenge of fresh topics and has a voracious appetite for new ideas. Private requests are a pleasure that take priority in her life. No writing task is too simple or too difficult. In addition to articles, her works include home pages, landing pages, press releases, white board content, newsletters, rack cards, email content, letters, drip-marketing postcards, poetry, photograph captions, and home descriptions for print publication.

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Winter Checklist for the Attic

Winterizing your home is important if you want to keep the cold air from entering your home or damaging it in any way. An important winterizing tasks that often goes overlooked is the need to prepare the attic to withstand the constant change of temperature and moisture experienced. This article looks at the steps you should take to get your attic ready for winter weather.

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Why Attic Ventilation Is Needed in the Winter

A closed off attic prevents heat from escaping during the coldest months of the year. However, it is more important to keep your attic properly ventilated during the winter to minimize the risk of structural damage. Proper attic ventilation is necessary to protect your house against the kind of damage that occurs from moisture buildup. This article takes a look at why attic ventilation is needed in the winter.

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4 Reasons Not to Break Your Lease

A rental lease protects the landlord against certain circumstances, including breaking the contract. If you need to break your lease before the deadline, you may be in for a rude awakening. This article takes a look at four reasons to avoid breaking your lease.

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5 Ways to Tell If Buyers Are Serious

Some homes sell quickly, and other houses don't. A lot of factors influence how quickly a home sells. If you've followed the advice of your real estate agent, you shouldn't have a lot to do. Nonetheless, you may still be anxious. Knowing when buyers are serious may help to decrease your level of anxiety.

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Easy Tips for a Presentable Listing

If you are like most homeowners, you need to continue living in your home while you are trying to sell it. While this task might seem challenging, it isn't as difficult as you might expect. This article provides a few easy tips that you can use to keep your home presentable.

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4 Easy Tips to Getting the Best Car Insurance for Your Needs

Most people want to get the cheapest car insurance possible. The best way to do so is to shop around at least several weeks before you need to obtain it. This strategy allows you to take your time in order to evaluate several different insurance companies. Read this article for a few additional tips on how to obtain the best car insurance for your vehicle.

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