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Bonnie Conrad is a freelance writer living and working in Pennsylvania. She has been writing professionally since 2004 and she looks forward to many more fun-filled years here at Constant Content.

Favorite topics include financial matters, investing and all things technical.

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for In-Person Learning

The recent change to virtual learning has created enormous challenges for parents and their children, but now in-person education is returning in a big way, and that disruption could be just as difficult. As parents and their kids get ready to go back to the classroom, many are wondering if they are ready for the change. This article takes a look at 10 things parents and kids can do to ease the move to in-person education. | Read More →

Words: 715   Downloads: 0   Category: Education   By: beconrad

Interviewing for a Job? How to Talk About Your Side Hustle

With side hustles becoming more common, many job seekers are wondering how to bring up the subject, or if they should even reveal it at all. If you are interviewing for a full time job and working a side hustle, you will need to navigate some tricky waters. This article takes a look at how to talk about your side hustle and turn your source of extra cash into a positive. | Read More →

Words: 698   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: beconrad

The 21st Century Balancing Act: 10 Tips for Juggling a Side Hustle and a Full Time Job

The need for extra money has driven many workers to take on freelancing gigs and side hustles, but juggling those demands with the demands of a full time job is not easy. This balancing act is a difficult one to maintain, but there are things you can do to make it easier. This article takes a look at 10 tips for maintaining that delicate balancing act. | Read More →

Words: 757   Downloads: 0   Category: Freelancing   By: beconrad

7 Critical Steps to Take Following a Business Break-In

Suffering a break-in is bound to be traumatic for anyone, but for business owners the event can be even more devastating. Knowing what to do and what steps to take in the aftermath of a break-in could prove pivotal for the future and even the success of your business. This article takes a look at seven critical steps to take if your business suffers a break-in. | Read More →

Words: 583   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: beconrad

Are You Being Scammed? 8 Signs of a Fake Online Fundraising Plea

The internet gets a bad rap sometimes, but the web is also a very generous place. Online fundraising has changed the lives of millions of people, but there are also scammers out there who want to take advantage of the generosity of people they will never meet. This article takes a look at eight signs of an online fundraising scam, so you can protect yourself and your money. | Read More →

Words: 779   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: beconrad

Giving Without Getting Taken: Spot the Signs of an Online Fundraising Scam

If an online fundraising pitch has ever stirred your emotions and tugged at your heartstrings, you are not alone. These requests for money are everywhere online, and while many of them are legitimate others are nothing but scams. Telling one from the other will mean that your money actually does some good, and that is what this article is all about. | Read More →

Words: 1110   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: beconrad

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