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Bonnie Conrad is a freelance writer living and working in Pennsylvania. She has been writing professionally since 2004 and she looks forward to many more fun-filled years here at Constant Content.

Favorite topics include financial matters, investing and all things technical.

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In the Market for a New Home? Recognizing the Subtle Signs of Water Damage

If you are in the market for a home, the last thing you want is hidden water damage. As you shop, it's important to watch out for the warning signs of flooding and other water damage. This article looks at some of the red flags home shoppers should never ignore.

Words: 749   Downloads: 0   Category: Real Estate   By: beconrad

Protecting Your Legacy and Your Loved Ones: Pros and Cons of a TOD or POD Account

No one likes to think about death, but proper estate planning is important. If you want to protect your legacy and your loved ones, changing the way your bank and brokerage accounts are configured can be a good start. This article takes a look at the advantages and possible drawbacks of titling your accounts as POD or TOD.

Words: 759   Downloads: 0   Category: Law   By: beconrad

Preparing for a Possible Recession: Steps You Can Take Right Now to Protect Your Finances

The idea of recession can be frightening, and the fact that you have little personal control makes the situation even worse. You may not be able to steer the economy, but you can prepare your finances, and the best time to do that is before the economic downturn arrives. This article takes a look at some things you can do now to protect your finances later.

Words: 936   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: beconrad

10 Home Décor Hacks for Cheapskates

You do not have to break the bank to make your home look like a million bucks. With a few simple upgrades and a bit of creativity, you can make your home a showplace on even the smallest of budgets. This article takes a look at 10 easy and budget-friendly home decor hacks every cheapskate is sure to love.

Words: 695   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Decor   By: beconrad

Parents Take Note: Know the Warning Signs of an Adderal Addiction

Adderal and drugs like it can be game-changers for kids with attention deficit disorder (ADD), but these drugs also have a high potential for abuse and misuse. If your child is taking any drugs in this class of medication, it is important to recognize the red flags of abuse. This article takes a look at those warning signs and tells parents what to look for.

Words: 393   Downloads: 0   Category: Drugs & Remedies   By: beconrad

Protecting Your Health: Recognizing the Early Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Going to the dentist regularly is good for your smile, but it could be good for your overall health as well. Your dentist may be able to spot some warning signs you have missed, including early signs of oral cancer. This article takes a look at some of the signs your dentist may find and others you should look for on your own.

Words: 536   Downloads: 0   Category: Dental   By: beconrad

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