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Are you a company selling in the pet product market? If so, you are in luck. The American Pet Products Association forecasts that in 2020 sales of pet-related products will top $96 billion — and that's just in North America! The key to tapping this enormous market is finding content writers who can communicate heart-to-heart with pet parents about their beloved furry family members.

What kinds of content sell pet products? And how can Robert Rister help you sell them?

Technical know-how. I have been a chemist, formulator, and manufacturing consultant to veterinary and medical product manufacturers. I am the author or co-author of nine books and over 6000 articles on various topics in pet care and personal health, with an emphasis on hands-on healing.

Pets as family. Most people who have pets do not consider themselves to be “pet owners.” They think of themselves as pet parents. My family has included dogs, cats, carp, chickens, a horse, rabbits, a ferret, a turtle, catfish in a five-acre pond we trained to come up to visit us, goats, sheep, a cow that lived out her life in the pasture, lizards, birds, squirrels, a possum, and a skunk. I can relate to loving animals and treating them as dear family members. I can write in relatable language for all kinds of pet owners.,

Pet health insurance. Better and better pet care results in longer and longer lives for pets, but senior pets need more veterinary attention. Readers need and want to compare their options for pet health insurance

Size matters. Smaller dogs are becoming more popular with younger pet owners who may have limited space, and with older pet owners who find them easier to manage at the dog park. Content about smaller breeds attracts traffic.

Money matters. People love to spoil their fur, feather, and leather babies, but expenses of pet care quickly add up. Articles about hands-on veterinary health care and how to find bargains, sales, discounts, and coupons for everyday pet supplies get traffic.

Having helped formulate, register, and market pet shampoos and skin care products, I have hands-on experience in the pet care products industry. Having been an instructor for a college-level course in SEO, I know how to get good rankings for your content. And having been owned by over 200 animals, I have the heart to relate to your customers.

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Ten Questions to Ask Your Vet When Your Cat Has Cancer

The veterinarian's diagnosis of cancer is devastating for cat parents. It's normal to be at a loss to know what to ask the vet. These 10 questions can point you on the way to helping your cat live longer and more comfortably. | Read More →

Words: 578   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Robert S Rister

Five Questions You Need to Ask When Your Dog Has Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer is enough to make any pet parent panic, but you need to stay calm and collected to ask your vet questions about the best possible care for the dog you love. Here are five questions that will give you the information you need to plan for your pet's comfort while keeping your schedule manageable. The right information can help you keep your dog's care from becoming overwhelming. | Read More →

Words: 648   Downloads: 0   Category: Dogs   By: Robert S Rister

Is Group Life Insurance Through Your Job Enough?

Group life insurance through your employer is a nice perk, but it usually pays to get additional coverage. Here are five reasons it's a good idea to get your own life insurance policy even if you are covered at work. Read this article and learn why and how to overcome the limitations of group life insurance coverage. | Read More →

Words: 629   Downloads: 0   Category: Insurance   By: Robert S Rister

Common Consumer Questions About Auto Insurance: What is Gap Coverage?

If you bought a car for less than 20% down, or if you have a loan for 60 months or longer, you need to be sure that your auto insurance policy includes gap coverage. Gap coverage keeps you from owing money even if your car has to be totaled. This article will tell you how gap insurance works, when you need gap insurance, and how to be sure you have it. | Read More →

Words: 347   Downloads: 0   Category: Insurance   By: Robert S Rister

5 Benefits of Joining a Professional Insurance Association

No matter where you are in your insurance career, joining an insurance association offers potent advantages. You can find the legal, technical, and hiring support you need at an affordable cost. You can get significant discounts on continuing education and many of the products you need to keep your agency going, and you can connect with your peers at conferences. Every producer needs a peer to peer connection. Here are the five reasons why. | Read More →

Words: 430   Downloads: 0   Category: All Content   By: Robert S Rister

Three Common Misconceptions About Life Insurance

It's a universal reality that everyone's life eventually comes to an end. Life insurance provides for those we leave behind. It's always a mistake to treat life insurance like something it isn't, particularly by making these three common erroneous assumptions. | Read More →

Words: 571   Downloads: 0   Category: Insurance   By: Robert S Rister

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