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Chris Blank is a Chicago area writer and researcher with extensive experience in print and online media. Blank specializes in popular culture, travel, sustainability, current affairs and public policy. Chris Blank holds a master's degree in sociology and a Juris Doctor, concentrating in the areas of civil rights and intellectual property.

Chris Blank has written features for the Travel Tips section of the online version of USA Today and real estate-related articles for the Home Guides section for SF Gate, and the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Chris Blank has also written business articles for the Small Business section of Chron, the online version of the Houston Chronicle; articles on law-related topics for LegalZoom and personal finance articles for and The Nest. Chris Blank has also contributed to WiseGEEK, and to the Home and Garden Ideas, Beauty & Style and Money & Business websites affiliated with the Pronto group.

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Auto Makers’ Recall Woes

The beginning of 2014 was not a good one for auto manufacturers. Toyota agreed to a huge settlement resulting from a criminal investgation conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice. General Motors recalled millions of vehicles due to a potentially deadly defect. Mazdas have been continually infested with spiders for years. Customers can keep track of auto recalls through -- without waiting for the letter from Uncle Sam. | Read More →

Words: 543   Downloads: 0   Category: Automobiles   By: Chris Blank

Maintaining Browser Privacy While You Surf the Web

Whenever you surf the web, you create a cyber trail that advertisers and other third parties use to track your surfing habits. There are several strategies that you can utilize to minimize this intrusion on your privacy. Fortunately these strategies are relatively easy to use -- and cost you nothing. | Read More →

Words: 639   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: Chris Blank

Using Mobile Phone Apps? How to Stay Safe

Using mobile phone apps can be convenient. Unfortunately, the convenience sometimes extends to hackers and identity thieves. The solution is not to give up using mobile phone apps, but rather to be smart about which apps you use and how you use them. | Read More →

Words: 624   Downloads: 0   Category: Mobile Phones   By: Chris Blank

Still Running XP? Stay Safe(r) While Online

Are you still using Windows XP on your computer? If so, you run the risk of attacks from viruses, Trojans and malware while operating the computer online because Microsoft ended support for the operating system on April 8, 2014. However, you can minimize your risk by following a few simple strategies. | Read More →

Words: 597   Downloads: 0   Category: Software   By: Chris Blank

How Sharing Stories Brings Us Closer Together

Sharing good times with family and friends strengthens the bonds you share. Part of sharing good times involves sharing your best experiences. As it turns out, sharing stories affects us on a deeper level than you might think. | Read More →

Words: 511   Downloads: 0   Category: Relationships   By: Chris Blank

How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter by Reducing Puffiness

Puffy eyes make you look tired and older than you are. While surgery can reduce the look of puffy eyes there is no need to resort to such extreme measures. These home remedies will reduce under eye puffiness in no time at all. | Read More →

Words: 521   Downloads: 0   Category: Beauty   By: Chris Blank

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