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J. A. Young is a free-lance writer with a Master's Degree in English and professional background working in both general and specialized research libraries--10+ years directing small public and academic library facilities. Her work published in the 2008 Winter/Spring edition of Spoon River Quarterly Review has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

She covers topics that include information technology, online marketing, business, travel, gardening, etc...Her advanced research background and extensive writing experience allow her to command nearly any topic with professional competence and her flexible approach to project-based writing.

J. A. Young is currently one of Constant Content's ten top-selling writers. Check out her catalog here of available work or contact her for a special project. She's also a personable collaborator and enjoys writing and delivering the content solutions clients want.

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Folk Remedies from Back Water, Hill, and Old Cultures

Historically in the American Southeast, a serious cough would be battled by taking a hot bath filled with onions. In Eastern Europe, Hungarian peasants would alleviate arthritis pain with a poultice of cabbage. These folk rememdies may seem strange, but people have sworn by them for centuries and, in many parts of the world, they continue to be used to treat a wide variety of health complaints.

Words: 880   Downloads: 0   Category: Alternative Medicine   By: J. A. Young

Unique Children's Book Collections

Enhance a child´s love of reading by collecting specialty books. Collections of pop-up books, mechanical books, or even thematic books, for example, can lead to a greater interest in literature. Such collections are rewarding to piece together and ultimately beneficial for reading development.

Words: 720   Downloads: 0   Category: Books & Reading   By: J. A. Young

Vintage Eats: Carpetbag Steak

Although fine dining is a popular pastime among foodies, today´s diners might be missing out on a unique dish that was popular around the turn of the last century. Carpetbag steak, a dish that combines steak and oysters, is one of yesteryear´s signature dishes that should be tried today.

Words: 274   Downloads: 0   Category: Food & Dining   By: J. A. Young

Two-Faced Plants: Healing Plants that Have Adverse Side Effects

Even the simplest plants can be complicated when it comes to their relationship with humans. There is an array of plants that have been shown to help people, but also harm them. This article describes various plants that contain this interesting dual nature.

Words: 632   Downloads: 0   Category: Alternative Medicine   By: J. A. Young

Ultimate Green Garden: Using Recycled Materials Outdoors

It takes more than plants to make your garden truly green. Repurposing used or discarded items outdoors is an easy and cost-saving way to model green habits in your neighborhood. The following ideas can help make recycling work in your garden and landscape.

Words: 745   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: J. A. Young

Can Eating Turkey Help Combat Depression?

Foods that are rich in tryptophan can help some depression. Tryptophan, a powerful amino acid, is converted to serotonin in the body. When serotonin levels are boosted, depression can be alleviated.

Words: 410   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: J. A. Young

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