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J. A. Young is a free-lance writer with a Master's Degree in English and professional background working in both general and specialized research libraries--10+ years directing small public and academic library facilities. Her work published in the 2008 Winter/Spring edition of Spoon River Quarterly Review has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

She covers topics that include information technology, online marketing, business, travel, gardening, etc...Her advanced research background and extensive writing experience allow her to command nearly any topic with professional competence and her flexible approach to project-based writing.

J. A. Young is currently one of Constant Content's ten top-selling writers. Check out her catalog here of available work or contact her for a special project. She's also a personable collaborator and enjoys writing and delivering the content solutions clients want.

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Leaves of Unusual Grass

Ornamental grasses are showy alernatives to traditional lawns. Often easy to maintain, these grasses add color and texture to gardens and landscapes. They typically add year-round visual appeal to settings as well.

Words: 809   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: J. A. Young

The Healing Power of Cabbage

People who eat at least one serving of cabbage each week may enjoy a reduced risk of some diseases. Cabbage is a healthy vegetable that has many healthful benefits that should not be ignored.

Words: 405   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: J. A. Young

The Beauty of Scotch Roses

A typical wild rose of the British Isles, the Scotch rose is also popularly grown in gardens and landscapes in many parts of the world. Because it is easy to care for and well-known for its beauty, the Scotch rose can be a delightful attraction for many settings.

Words: 410   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: J. A. Young

Hold the Trans Fats Please: Food and Cardiovascular Disease

A healthy diet is a key ingredient of cardiovascular health. Maintaining a healthy heart means keeping certain elements like trans fat out of the body and putting beneficial items like omega-3 fatty acids into the body.

Words: 730   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: J. A. Young

The Health Benefits of an Asian Diet

Research suggests that traditional Asian cuisines offer a considerable array of health benefits. People of Asian nations enjoy a lower incidence of the diseases that commonly plague other people around the world like Americans. Learn how to incorportate an Asian diet into your life to reap some of these important benefits as well.

Words: 724   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: J. A. Young

Matrix Plantings for Self-Sustaining Gardens

Installing matrix plantings is a responsible way to achieve a beautiful and healthy setting. Matrix plantings thrive under natural conditions and do not tap into additional resources like the garden hose.

Words: 538   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: J. A. Young

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