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Natural nutrition, fitness, online business, and mobile phones are just a few of my favourite topics. I primarily write in US English, but since I'm Canadian, I can pull off UK English, too.

I have worked in retail and IT support, but the most challenging and rewarding job by far has been writing! I have been working as a full-time freelancer since early 2009 and have ghostwritten or published over a thousand articles in the last four years.

I'm an enthusiastic yet professional writer. I enjoy the process of content creation and marketing, and would love to help you meet your content needs!

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Read These Tips Before Sending Your Photo Book to Print

This article covers tips that people should follow before printing a photo book. It covers basics from type to photo selection and encourages readers to double-check their book before printing it. The article discusses Clearstory software without being too salesy and encourages readers to use software like Clearstory if they don´t have design experience.

Words: 727   Downloads: 0   Category: Gifts   By: Z. Way

Will Tenant Insurance Cover Your Possessions?

Tenant insurance is the best possible solution to help protect renters. Whether you´re a new renter or a seasoned pro at moving in and out, tenant insurance can be tricky. This article explains the nuances of tenant insurance when it comes to protecting your possessions.

Words: 750   Downloads: 0   Category: Insurance   By: Z. Way

How to Reverse Your Gluten Weight Gain

Gluten weight gain is a hot topic in the weight loss field, thanks to recent research and media scrutiny of gluten-heavy diets. This article covers methods for reversing gluten weight gain and shedding pounds. It includes advice on setting healthy weight loss goals, focusing on what you can eat instead of what you can´t, and adding the benefits of an exercise routine in order to lose weight faster.

Words: 530   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: Z. Way

Building an Online Career on Government Support

Whether you´re on disability support or welfare, it can be an opportunity to build an online career. This short article is suitable for a blog post, and covers some things to keep in mind when considering an online business as a way of supplementing or replacing government income. It advises readers to choose a career path based on their interests, then stick with it to avoid information overload.

Words: 394   Downloads: 0   Category: Online Business   By: Z. Way

3 Tips on Strength Training for Bikini Season

The winter is the perfect time to get ahead on articles about fitness. Your readers are dreading the onset of spring, also known as "bikini season" and filled with embarrassing changing room moments. This article provides three tips on strength training now to see results in as little as a month and work towards a beach-ready body.

Words: 692   Downloads: 0   Category: Fitness   By: Z. Way

Six Gadgets That Help Hearing-Impaired People

Hearing-impaired people today benefit from the years of technological innovations that have produced assistive living devices galore. Whether you need to know when someone knocks on the door or you´d like an alarm clock that actually wakes you up, there are gadgets available to help you. This article covers six neat gadgets for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Words: 677   Downloads: 0   Category: Disabilities   By: Z. Way

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