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Lysis is the pen name for a technology web content writer. I provide high quality content for the technology industry including white papers, technical documentation, SEO articles, blog posts and tutorials. I've written for IBM, Verizon and Rackspace on a variety of technologies for end-users and management.

I'm a software engineer who has written several web and mobile applications, so I can provide technology articles at a more detailed level than most writers.

My expertise includes:

* Server technology (IIS, web management, configurations)
* Programming (MVC C#, PHP, VB.NET, Android, Java, and HTML)
* Web design and development (UX, UI, CSS, and dynamic content)
* Hacking and security (web security, analysis and defense)
* General Internet culture and information
* Computer hardware and disaster recovery
* Cloud computing

To read some of my musings, I blog on my dev site at

Contact me for web content in any of these areas for a quick turnaround and extensively researched articles.

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Influenza Virus and the Pandemic of 1918

As influenza variants like the Avian Flu and Swine Flu continue to gain recognition, none of the current outbreaks compare to the Spanish Flu of 1918. This 1050-word article gives readers a background of the influenza virus structure and mode of infection, and it details the most dangerous viral pandemic to ever spread throughout the world. | Read More →

Words: 1050   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: Lysis

Ten Percent of Dachshund Dogs Carry the Blindness Gene

Does your dachshund puppy have cone-rod dystrophy? This 350-word article covers research conducted on dachshund dogs revealing that 10% of the breed carry the genetic mutation. | Read More →

Words: 350   Downloads: 0   Category: Dogs   By: Lysis

Chemistry and the Art of Cooking

Cooking is a challenge for many people. This article explains a little science behind the art of cooking. It tells the reader about some of the chemical reactions of food and why overcooking ruins its color and taste. | Read More →

Words: 500   Downloads: 0   Category: Cooking   By: Lysis

Target Heart Rate and Exercise

What is the target heart rate? This article explains the target heart rate and how to calculate the right goals for beginners to experts. | Read More →

Words: 500   Downloads: 2   Category: Fitness   By: Lysis

Influenza and the Flu Shot

This article covers the the influenza virus and the importance of the flu shot vaccination. It describes influenza A, B, and C and it gives detail on the different forms of vaccination available. | Read More →

Words: 600   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: Lysis

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex exchange is a part of the trading industry. Unlike the stock exchange, forex exchange is the buying and selling of currency. Know how the forex industry works and the terminology behind trading. | Read More →

Words: 400   Downloads: 7   Category: Finance   By: Lysis

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