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Gayle Nastasi is a professional animal communicator and author who enjoys writing about animal and pet issues, eclectic spirituality, and related (and not so related) topics. She is published in children's literature, and produces her own animal communication email newsletter.

Gayle's degree in animal sciences, her many years working in the field of professional animal care, her experience as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and her long history as an animal care professional, have given her a vast field of reference to draw from, and a unique perspective on the world.

Gayle is also a professional pet psychic, is trained in the psychic sciences and is an experienced medium. She has a broad base of knowledge on topics of spirituality, the paranormal, Native American studies, and numerous other fields of interest to modern readers.

Her love of writing and language brings professional polish to her words. Her work has appeared in popular publications like Spider Magazine for children, and reached quarter-final status in the illustrious L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest. In 2010, the first of a series of mystery novels for young readers, The Corpse That Wasn't There, was published by Fehrman Books. The series has since been orphaned by the publisher but is being continued via other venues. The second book, Wild Wings of Danger, is also available, and the third book was released in March of 2013. The title is In The Willow's Shade.


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