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Kathryn M. Van Druff (nee DImperio) is a freelance writer and marketing specialist with her own company, Dances with Words. Kate specializes in content for magazines, website pages, blogs, and marketing content, as well as product descriptions, press releases, newsletters, and other creative projects.

Kate has written thousands of articles over the years and enjoys the art of writing far beyond any other possible career path. She has also worked as a newspaper editor, technical writer and editor for a major telecommunications company, and communications specialist and marketing assistant for a tech firm and a real estate office.

The topics Kate covers most often tend to include: beauty and health, home and garden / landscaping, parenting, recreation, relationships and weddings, food writing, personal finance, gift and shopping topics, and pets, to name a few. Kate enjoys all aspects of writing and looks forward to establishing ongoing relationships with clients for a mutually successful partnership and much success all around.

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Is Tap Water Safe?

Is tap water safe? Consumers can easily find out if their tap water is safe to drink with at-home test kits. Test kits check for toxins and contaminants quickly and easily. Tests are affordable as well. Consider these important points if you are wondering if your tap water is safe. | Read More →

Words: 476   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: danceswithwords

5 Tips to Surviving the Stress of Becoming a First-Time Mom

This article offers five tips to help survive the stress of becoming a new mom. This story is perfect for Mother's Day or any time of year, embracing mommies-to-be and welcoming them to the world of parenthood with open arms and a little helpful advice. This article includes five tips to make the transition into being a parent a smooth one with as little stress as possible. | Read More →

Words: 629   Downloads: 0   Category: Parenting   By: danceswithwords

5 Memorable Halloween Traditions to Enjoy Year After Year

Halloween is a favorite holiday for folks of all ages. Consider creating your own Halloween traditions with your family and friends for a holiday that is always memorable. This article explores five options for fun experiences leading up to and including Halloween night. | Read More →

Words: 554   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: danceswithwords

6 Interior Design Tips Involving Plants

Plants immediately breathe life and energy into a space, creating an impact on customers and employees alike. This article discusses how to include plants as interior design elements in a commercial setting for the greatest impact. The content includes six tips to make the most of your space with plants, planters, color choice, and more. | Read More →

Words: 630   Downloads: 0   Category: Landscaping   By: danceswithwords

7 Ways to Fight Back Against Ticks in Your Yard

Ticks are out in record numbers. It's time to take matters into your own hands to protect your family and pets from tick bites and associated tick-borne diseases. This article goes over seven possible ways you can help to reduce the number of ticks living in your yard, keeping your family safer. | Read More →

Words: 573   Downloads: 0   Category: Home   By: danceswithwords

Helping Aging Loved Ones Achieve Their End-Of-Life Wishes

No one likes to talk about death. As aging loved ones begin to decline in health, though, it becomes important to discuss their end-of-life wishes. This article examines different perspectives on dying as well as ways you can honor a loved one's dying wishes. You can also find talking points and questions to ask regarding end-of-life wishes and preferences. Word Count: 794 | Read More →

Words: 796   Downloads: 0   Category: Aging   By: danceswithwords

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