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I specialize in writing about:
* Cryptocurrencies & Smart Contracts (Bitcoin, Bcash, Litecoin, Ethereum, & NEO)
* Server Admin
* Computer Programming (C, C++, Go, Javascript, Python, Ruby)
* Web Design
* Web Security
* Internet culture and information
* Computer hardware
* Cloud computing
* Unix, BSD, Linux & Solaris (or Open Indiana)
* Operating System Development
* Embedded Systems
* Gaming
* Nutrition
* Science
* Academics
* Finance
* Economics

Fluent in English & Spanish

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Why Hiring an Seo Consultant is Important for Any Business

This is an SEO optimized article targeting "SEO consultant" as the main keyword. This is ideal for an SEO services page or simply a blog about SEO. The article goes over why professional experience is best and a few case examples of why one may benefit from hiring a consultant. | Read More →

Words: 634   Downloads: 0   Category: Online Business   By: Dotcomwriter

5 Reasons Why Litecoin May Still Have a Future

While Litecoins market share has been less than thrilling throughout most of its lifetime, it always has a presence that's hard to ignore. It was originally developed by Charlee Lee and forked from the original Bitcoin source code, with the ASIC-resistant Scrypt hashing algorithm. This article makes some convincing arguments on how Litecoin is still relevant. | Read More →

Words: 717   Downloads: 0   Category: Technology   By: Dotcomwriter

How Your Bodybuilding Lifestyle Can Make You Smell Horrible

As a bodybuilder, you are likely trying to pursue the epitome of health and aesthetics. While you are likely doing most things right, it sure doesn’t seem like it when you smell horrible. Whether you are competing for a competition or bulking on more size, it is a common symptom to have foul body odor when you adopt seemingly good habits. This article will go over some common body odor issues that most bodybuilders suffer from. | Read More →

Words: 673   Downloads: 0   Category: Health & Lifestyles   By: Dotcomwriter

Is Gene Therapy the Future of Biopharmaceutical Investment?

Gene therapy is quite a popular niche in the medical industry and lots of capital may be going that direction in Western markets. Interestingly, most of the large pharmaceutical companies, including the likes of Johnson & Johnson or Amgen, are not breaking any ground on this subject. This article will go over some of the smaller companies that may make big advancements in the stock market. | Read More →

Words: 547   Downloads: 0   Category: Finance   By: Dotcomwriter

What is MINIX and Why is It Included in the Intel Management Engine?

The Intel Management Engine has been a motherboard component that had remained under the radar in until recent years. Recently, researches found that it includes an embedded version of the MINIX 3 operating system that includes a web server. This article explains what MINIX is and why it may have been implemented within the Mangement Engine. | Read More →

Words: 542   Downloads: 0   Category: IT   By: Dotcomwriter

What Are My CPU Options to Avoid Spectre and Meltdown?

Spectre and Meltdown are code names given to published exploits showing major security flaws in processors made within the past 20 years. These exploits are possible on any x86 processor with out-of-order execution, which affects nearly every Intel processor on the market. This article will go over some viable alternatives to this bloated architecture. | Read More →

Words: 1257   Downloads: 0   Category: Hardware   By: Dotcomwriter

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