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As the Real Estate Business Guide writer for About.com, Jim has written hundreds of articles and even more blog posts for real estate agents and mortgage brokers. These articles focus on real estate as a business, marketing, management and technology. Other real estate writing topics:

>residential real estate investing
>commercial real estate investing
>real estate marketing
>online real estate marketing
>WordPress for real estate

As an independent freelance writer, he has written multiple eBooks, books, articles and other business content related to Internet marketing. He is also a WordPress consultant in the use of WordPress as a business website. Technology topics Jim has written about include:

>affiliate marketing
>websites and blogs
>online sales lead generation
>internet marketing income resources
>social media marketing
>WordPress as a business site
>email and drip marketing
>Web forms and lead generation

Jim has ghostwritten multiple books for real estate and stock market professionals, including articles about investing in stocks, bonds, options, and commodities. He has also written two books of his own, one for consumers with homebuying tips and another for real estate professionals with advice on starting and building a successful real estate business.

Writing is delivered on time and as ordered, with repeat clients the bulk of Jim's writing business.

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A Beginner's Guide to Rental Property Investing: 5 Proven Strategies for Success

The article explains real estate and rental property investing for the novice. The reader learns about different types of rental properties. They also learn why real estate rental property investing is wise as a part of an investment portfolio. The types of properties are explained and contrasted. Strategies for finding rental homes and making purchase decisions are explained as well.

Words: 1088   Downloads: 0   Category: Real Estate   By: James Kimmons

Maximize Profit and Minimize Taxes with Real Estate Investing

The article takes the reader through how real estate investment makes money and saves on taxes. Rental home investment is the strategy. The reader learns how investment property earns income. They also learn about the expenses involved and their deductibility. The depreciation deduction is explained with an example. Finally, the article explains the 1031 Exchange and how properties after death are stepped up in value for heirs.

Words: 794   Downloads: 0   Category: Real Estate   By: James Kimmons

A WordPress Business Website Can be More Valuable with a Blog

The article begins by explaining the way that WordPress works with static pages and blog posts. Examples are presented as to how different business types can use the blogging function to improve their website for visitors and SEO. A special FAQ page strategy is presented to convert the page to blog posts for each question and answer. The premise is that SEO is improved, and the visitor's experience is as well.

Words: 979   Downloads: 0   Category: Online Business   By: James Kimmons

10 Misconceptions About Ham Radio

The article focuses on attracting people to join the ham radio community. It briefly explains ham radio, how it is used, and ham radio as a hobby. The 10 misconceptions are those that people most often mention as to why they have not become licensed, though they have an interest. The low cost of the hobby is also mentioned.

Words: 847   Downloads: 0   Category: Electronics   By: James Kimmons

The Sandwich Lease Strategy for the Cash-Strapped Real Estate Investor

This is a detailed instructional article about the sandwich lease real estate investment strategy. The reasons why it is a good strategy for some investors are explained. The strategy is broken out into components, with each explained in detail. There is an example sandwich lease with dollar amounts. The options are explained for the investor based on several ways in which the situation can develop.

Words: 1665   Downloads: 0   Category: Real Estate   By: James Kimmons

Vacuum and Sous Vide for the Busy Single's Kitchen

The reader is introduced to sous vide cooking from the perspective of a single person's lifestyle. The ability to package meals in portion sizes perfect for the individual is explained. The ability to season and enhance the meat or vegetable vacuum-bagged product is explained.

Words: 994   Downloads: 0   Category: Cooking   By: James Kimmons

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