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Gail Kavanagh is a freelance writer and former newspaper feature writer living in Queensland, Australia. Her favorite area of research is people and events in history. She has a strong background in herbs, healthy cooking and crafts, and has written several books on these subjects, Her specialty areas are astrology, divination, tarot and runes, having studied astrology for 20 years. As an Australian resident, she also available to write about Australia and its people.

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Beating the the Baddies in the Aussie Bush

The Australian bush is just like any other wild place - it has spectacular scenery, lots of adventure and some nasties waiting in the shadows. But you don't have to hide in a bush resort if you are well prepared. This article advises on how to enjoy the outback and stay safe. | Read More →

Words: 756   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: Gail Kavanagh

Australia’s Port Arthur: One of the Spookiest Places to Spend a Halloween Holiday

Australia is a land of sunshine and beaches, but it also has one of the most terrifying ghost sites in the world. The Port Arthur Prison Settlement was home to one of the most brutal prison colonies in Australia and has left a legacy of unmarked graves, haunted buildings and unimaginable suffering. Take a ghost walk at your peril. | Read More →

Words: 650   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: Gail Kavanagh

The Garden That Monet Built

Once reviled for his startling new style of impressionist art, Claude Monet became one of France's most revered landscape artists. But he drew his greatest inspiration from his own gardens in Givenchy. This article discusses Monet's beautiful home and gardens and the reasons that make them a must-see on a tour of France. | Read More →

Words: 503   Downloads: 4   Category: Travel   By: Gail Kavanagh

Let’s Do the Twist - Again!

There was a time when being able to dance socially meant learning precise moves at an Arthur Murray dance class. But all that changed in the 1960s when Chubby Checker exhorted young people to "do the twist." It was the end of complicated footwork and the start of a more tribal response to music on the dance floor. The twist freed everyone to get up and dance. | Read More →

Words: 650   Downloads: 1   Category: Entertainment   By: Gail Kavanagh

Five Ways to Turn Burgers into Gourmet Fare

Want something different from the usual beef burger on your BBQ? Try these delicious burgers made from chicken, lamb and pork, seasoned with the flavors of the world, to give your culinary reputation a boost. There's a beef recipe as well, but it's not quite traditional. | Read More →

Words: 678   Downloads: 1   Category: Cooking   By: Gail Kavanagh

Rabbits, the Cutest Pests in Australia

Australia has had a long and violent history with the European rabbit, introduced to the country in 1859. Attempts to eradicade what became a serious threat to local plant and wild life have included virulent diseases. But in spite of repeated efforts, the rabbit remains unassailable, mostly due to its extraordinary breeding cycle. | Read More →

Words: 671   Downloads: 0   Category: Environmental   By: Gail Kavanagh

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