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About me - I write on all sorts of subjects, always aiming to help readers lead fuller, happier lives. I'm also a published poet for children. I'm a wife and mom, and live in the peaceful British countryside, enjoying healthy living, classical music and nature. I'm an English graduate from Exeter University (UK).

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5 Ways to Turn a Virtual Meeting to Your Advantage

Business meetings are not always predictable for the individual attendee. They might be caught out by a lack of knowledge on a specific issue, or distracted by a personal matter such as the effects of a short night or the discovery of a mark on their outfit. But virtual meetings, with their limited visual and aural scope, offer handy escape routes from awkward situations, as well as opportunities for image enhancement. This article highlights five ways a virtual meeting can be turned to an attendee's advantage, both generally and in tricky predicaments.  | Read More →

Words: 761   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: Liza Williams

How to Make Step-Counting Fun

Step-counting provides an excellent incentive for keeping fit, but the process can soon become tedious if pursued in a monotonous way. This article therefore recommends the challenge and offers a bunch of ideas for turning it into an enjoyable activity. Suggestions include taking walks with a friend, pacing up and down while on the phone, setting motivating goals, and arranging crazy obstacle courses around the furniture, as well as combining step-counting with a hobby. | Read More →

Words: 796   Downloads: 0   Category: Fitness   By: Liza Williams

Too Much Thinking Time? Five Ways to Handle It

This article is for individuals who are obliged to spend much of their time alone, a situation that can be conducive to excessive reflection and, ultimately, to negative thoughts and mental illness. The piece offers a five-point list for overcoming such brooding tendencies and developing a positive mindset instead. Suggestions include drawing up a list of enjoyable pastimes to pursue, establishing a loose daily routine, and celebrating every little achievement, as well as making contact with acquaintances and filling the silence with background sound. | Read More →

Words: 601   Downloads: 0   Category: Mental   By: Liza Williams

Could External Events Be Causing Your Sales Dips?

Any drop in sales is bad news for an entrepreneur, who will naturally want to identify and address the cause. But, as this article points out, there may be times when no amount of scrutiny will reveal the cause because it is an external one, beyond their control. Three types of external cause are subsequently listed, these being extreme weather, public events and major accidents. Examples of each are provided, and the piece rounds off with tips for capitalizing on such events. | Read More →

Words: 537   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: Liza Williams

Packing for a Holiday? 6 Essentials to Remember

This article reminds prospective holidaymakers to pack the dull essentials as well as their special outfits and commodities for relaxation. It provides a six-point checklist to run through before setting out, with details of each essential item type. The list includes tickets, bank cards and passwords, as well as keys and medicines, and the piece rounds off with a gentle hint about passports, too. | Read More →

Words: 680   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: Liza Williams

4 Ways to Clean Your Teeth When You Can't Brush Them

Dentists recommend twice daily toothbrushing to maintain good oral hygiene, but other commitments can get in the way sometimes, so this article offers four alternatives for those tricky situations. These include munching on a raw carrot or other crunchy vegetable, drinking plain drinking water, and using the tongue to clean around the mouth. Swilling out with dental mouthwash is also recommended, along with suggestions for storing small quantities when away from home.  | Read More →

Words: 647   Downloads: 0   Category: Dental   By: Liza Williams

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