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I love to write. Most of my education has focused on writing to some extent. After primary school, I attended high school at one of the top high schools in the United States. Students enrolled in this program must apply – approximately 1 in 75 are accepted – and then maintain a high GPA in all coursework, which by all assessments is closer to Graduate studies than those of a high school. My specialty was creative writing, and poetry in particular, and although I do not write creative works for commission, my formative educational experience is worth mentioning. I recently received my Bachelors of Arts in English at Jacksonville State University, and am currently enrolled as a Graduate student at the same institution, where I have worked as a tutor and teacher’s assistant in the English department for the past three years. Once I earn my Master’s degree, my intention is to pursue a PhD, and then hopefully both teach and publish scholarly works.

Partially because of my educational experience, my experience with writing is expansive and diverse. As mentioned above, I started with creative works, particularly fiction and poetry. I’ve written and edited children’s books, and I am working on three articles for publication in scholarly journals. I’ve written for the web on and off for about three years now. I’ve written for literary magazines dedicated to humorous pieces, and written serious academic pieces, and everything in between. Whatever kind of writing you need, I can probably do it, with only a few exceptions. I've been published in a number of publications across the whole writing spectrum.

I enjoy writing for places like Constant Content because it pushes me to research new things and then gives me the opportunity to write about them. And at least for me, it’s about the knowledge and experience writing gives me, and not so much about bylines or credit.
In my spare time, I like to read, and the type of reading really depends on my mood that day. I play the piano badly. I can read French and am trying to learn to read German but have not had as much luck as I might have hoped. I ride a mountain bike and build my own trails. I know how to knit and spin yarn, and my family used to breed cats, so I grew up working in animal husbandry. I like making up stories with my daughter and playing video games with my husband. I’m quirky, perhaps, but I love to learn, and I hope that you’ll give me the opportunity to learn more about your project.  

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The Abc's of Helping Your Child with Dyslexia

Your child isn't reading or speaking as well as his or her peers. You're concerned that he or she might have dyslexia, but how do you know? This short article looks at typical signs of dyslexia from pre-school to high school and provides information regarding what steps as a parent when your child is dealing with dyslexia. The ABC format provides a unique and easy to remember take for parents and children alike. | Read More →

Words: 670   Downloads: 0   Category: Parenting   By: Helen Companion

3 Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home on Your Own Time

Sifting through the scams to find a legitimate work from home opportunity is a challenge. Reliable work does exist, however. This article looks at three of the most popular ways to work from home and provides a list of websites for each category to help readers jump-start their income without leaving their home. | Read More →

Words: 512   Downloads: 0   Category: Freelancing   By: Helen Companion

Semax: the Safe, Effective Nootropic That Will Change Your Life

Listed in Russia as an essential drug, Semax is gaining a reputation for being nearly a miracle drug. It particularly helps with cognitive function by repairing damage in the brain and preventing new damage, as well as stimulating the hippocampus to improve executive function. This means that those who use the drug become more focused, more motivated, more creative, and generally smarter. This article looks at these benefits and more to motivate readers to try the drug for themselves. | Read More →

Words: 829   Downloads: 0   Category: Drugs & Remedies   By: Helen Companion

The Six Best Primrose Varieties for Beginning Gardeners

Associated with the beginning of spring for centuries, primroses are vibrant flowers that work equally well as a focal point or alongside other flowers. Better yet, they are notoriously easy to grow, making them a perfect choice for the beginning gardener. This article looks at the 6 most popular varieties for primrose for gardeners to help new planters choose the perfect one for their garden or container. | Read More →

Words: 566   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: Helen Companion

​​​​​​​The Three-Step Guide to Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning fruit trees is one of the most important parts of caring for these trees. An improperly pruned tree is unlikely to produce as much fruit, may look unattractive, and is potentially dangerous. A properly pruned tree is much the opposite: it will produce more and larger fruit and may add value to your home. This article breaks the pruning process into a simple three-step process to make it digestible for even the newest gardener. | Read More →

Words: 583   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: Helen Companion

Are You Sabotaging Your Ability to Be Productive by Making One of These 5 Mistakes?

Geared towards working adults struggling to balance family and work, this article explores five different common mistakes that people make when it comes to concentration. Each of the five -- not drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise, distractions, stress, and inadequate sleep -- are things that most Americans do. This guide also provides instructions on how to reverse the above bad habits, helping readers to improve concentration and productivity, and overall live healthier and happier lives. | Read More →

Words: 928   Downloads: 0   Category: Self Improvement   By: Helen Companion

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