Deleting and Resubmitting Articles

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Deleting and Resubmitting Articles

Post by cmcmahon66 »

In my thread about an article stuck in "waiting" status, one person mentioned that they delete and resubmit articles to get them out of that status, which reminded me of more questions I have:

--Do you make any changes when you resubmit the articles?

--If you don't make any changes, do you include some kind of note that this is a resubmission?

--Do you have any problem with editors approving resubmissions without changes?

I periodically go through my oldest languishing articles and, if I've cut the price as low as I'm willing to go and tried moving it to different categories a couple of times, I take it down. When it's a topic I think SHOULD have sold and would probably sell if it got a fresh run in the listings, I rewrite it completely to avoid running afoul of CC's plagiarism/copying standards. I think I have read in the past that their internal plagiarism check includes articles that have been previously listed here, and because sometimes their response to those issues is to just freeze or close the account, I have been super extra careful.

However, sometimes I really just want to change the headline, which you can't do as an edit. So I am curious if you can delete and resubmit an article without making changes to the body of the text, and if you try to let the editor know what you are doing when you do that. It sure would save some time and effort!

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Re: Deleting and Resubmitting Articles

Post by Angie H »

I've never had issues resubmitting articles without changes or with minor modifications. I would think that it would be fine as long as it didn't flag as being copied from someone else's work. They would be able to see that you deleted the article from the catalog. That being said, sometimes a rewrite isn't a bad thing.
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