Mid-month payment for December?

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Mid-month payment for December?

Post by siouxsays »

Hello -
I was wondering if anyone else is on the semi-monthly (1st and 15th) payment schedule and whether they had received payment for mid-December yet. Normally, when the 15th is on a weekend (as with this month's), payment usually comes through the following Monday (yesterday). Unless it's a Canadian (B.C.) holiday - of which there are none this week. It's now after 6pm EST on Tuesday and still no payment. (They are normally rather prompt, thus the question.)

I used the C.C. site's "contact" form to inquire but have not heard back yet. Is there another way to get in touch if payment has already been issued and I did not receive it for some reason?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Mid-month payment for December?

Post by HiredGun »

Received mine on December 14th.

Try emailing either writers@constant-content.com or nicole@constant-content.com. If no response, call (855) 606-6061.

Good luck and happy holidays!
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Re: Mid-month payment for December?

Post by MrSteve51 »

Yes, I got mine on Dec 14th (I'm in the UK).

I had a similar issue a couple of months ago: the mid-month payment just didn't appear. I sent a message via the website. It took me about 24 hours to get a response but the money was in my bank almost immediately after that.

I hope your problem is solved by the time you read this.

Merry Christmas!
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Re: Mid-month payment for December?

Post by sstewart »

Hi siouxsays - I believe we contacted you via the support line about your mid-month payment. Please let us know if you have any further questions. -- Constant Content
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