Getting lots of emails about non-existent requests from CC.

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Getting lots of emails about non-existent requests from CC.

Postby UKWriter101 on Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:39 am

Hi all!

I am constantly receiving in my email Writer's Pool requests as well as the occasional invitation to work on a certain project. I usually see these emails as soon as they arrive in my GMail account, yet I have yet to actually see anything come of them. Everytime I click on the link provided in the email, there is never any sign of the project or request in question. I don't think I have noticed even one exception to this since the Writer's Pool feature was enabled. This is getting rather irritating, since I receive around 5-20 such emails per day, so I may change my alert settings. However, I am wondering if this is a fault of the system, whether I am doing something wrong or the requests get snatched up before the email actually gets to my inbox. I find the latter highly unlikely, due to the fact that many emails include public requests which stay there for considerably longer.

I'd greatly help any advice on this matter. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Getting lots of emails about non-existent requests from

Postby jak on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:47 am

I suspect it's because there is a delay in sending out these emails. Authors do have to be quick off the mark to claim the pool requests. I advise you to check them directly several times a day if you are looking for ones you can claim. I find that the time difference is unhelpful too for those of us based in the UK. When requests are made late in the day, the US authors often get to view and claim them before we do because their time is behind us. This should also work the other way around, but I get the impression that not many customers send requests early in the day.
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Re: Getting lots of emails about non-existent requests from

Postby Celeste Stewart on Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:47 pm

I have the same problem here in California. It seems intermittent. I used to get tons, then not so much, then sometimes none despite the volume of emails. I've tried refreshing the writer pool page every so often in case it was a delay thing... nope.

Recently I shortened my availability/turnaround time from five days to just one. It seems to have helped slightly (though it's only been a few days). Something still seems a buggy there... Also, I wonder if the requesters are selecting a few writers rather than the whole pool? (And then the email goes to the whole pool?)
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