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Postby quicksilver on Fri May 22, 2009 10:01 pm

Celeste Stewart, Constant,
Nine rejections in ten submissions! Some of my submissions include, 'A Traditional Arched Building with Courtyard', 'A Babbling Garden Fountain', 'A Beautiful Traditional Design', 'Inviting Fruit Bowl', 'Beautuful Salt and Cellar Set', 'Caterpillar Eating a Leaf'.

Rejection without assigning any reason is very unhelpful, besides being unkind. It promotes making similar mistake over and over again - and frustration. Receiving so many rejectionable photos adds to infructous work for you as well. It is a Lose- Lose situation for both. Guidelines for submission are too broad based and do not reveal any clues. Some feedback is better than no feedback and helps forum authors to work in the right direction.

You have too many photos to review beside other things to do. No time to give detailed comments on each photo. Very understandable!

Suggest you compile a list of 'common rejection reasons' and serially number them. When you review and reject any photo just key in the serial number and the software should include the same in your automated rejection e-mail /reply.

No disputes with your decision allowed as your opinion right or wrong must prevail on the forum.
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