Vague rejection

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Vague rejection

Post by ProseyRosie »

Webpage for client. Title to be determined

After purchasing general or public content two weeks ago, this client contacted me and asked for additional content. I informed him/her that I would have the requested content ready for CC staff to review last Monday. Today I logged on and found that it had been rejected, and the only explanation given was this: "Please attach to the appropriate request."

This is confusing. Was I not supposed to select private request when I submitted the content? If so, why wasn't that information included in the editorial notes? Please advise.
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Re: Vague rejection

Post by Isabelnewth »

I am probably not the right person to answer as I don't quite understand the question but I'll have a go...Did the customer submit a private request for you through CC, which you then accepted? If so then you select 'private request' when you submit, and the title of the request then appears in another drop down menu box just below, and you click on that.

If there wasn't an official private request through cc from the client then you can't submit as a private request and I believe that would be an incomplete request rather than a rejection....

If there's no private request you could submit the article for the catalogue if it's an article that might sell to someone else, or refer the customer to the site rules to make a private request.
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Re: Vague rejection

Post by Lysis »

You have to check to make sure the request is listed after you choose private or public pool request. I just did a "private" request but it was listed only after I chose writer pool in the dropdown. I guess it depends on the type of request the customer uses when they set it up.
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