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What We Want

Professionally written, concise unique articles that are free of all errors including sentence structure errors, grammar errors, and punctuation errors.

Professionally written articles include:


Submissions Must Not Include:

  • Poetry, fiction, op-eds, or first-person POV (Why Aren’t Personal Accounts Allowed?)
  • Promotional content
  • Active linked web addresses – Please follow our protocol if you must include web addresses by removing the http://www prefix. Ex: Google.com (good), www.google.com (bad)  (Why Aren’t Links Allowed?)
  • Sig lines, bios, or author contact info
  • Plagiarism*


Technical Submission Requirements:

  • 12 pt Arial or Times New Roman font
  • The short summary must be an original description of the entire article, at least 30 words long
  • A full 1/3 of the article must be excerpted in the long summary
  • Typical article length is around 600 words

*Plagiarism includes:

  • Using text taken directly from another source and presenting this information as your own.
  • Rewrites or partial rewrites of articles by other authors.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in immediate account suspension.

Looking for more detail?  Please check out the Extended Writer Guidelines


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