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Writer contact me

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Hi there,

1. Do you write articles from the list of catalog topics or do you create content based on what you know is in demand/what your area of expertise is? If it's the former, does the work sell quickly? There's an awful lot of work for sale and I'm afraid of dedicating time to writing something that's not going to earn me money.

2. In your experience, what's a good price range for usage rights? In other words, how high do you go before it gets a little expensive for most clients? I'd like to price my work at $0.05/word, that's after CC's 35 percent cut, but I don't want to stick to a price that clients may view as too expensive and have my work end up sitting here unused. At least not while I'm still new to CC.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I had two pieces that I submitted, one was rejected and the other was sent back for revisions from the editors and later accepted and sold the next day, so I'm excited to start making the transition from content mill and other ghost writing gigs to more lucrative opportunities. Hopefully this is one such avenue.
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