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Paragraph Style

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Hi all!

So, I tried CC out a year or so ago. I was quite pleased even to sell something, so now I'm back to give it a proper go! Before I start churning out articles, I have a question on paragraph style that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere (apologies if I've missed it somewhere).

I've always written paragraphs in the 'usual' way, with three or four sentences strung together, using a new paragraph for a new idea. This style isn't something that is followed often in web articles where you find short, punchier, paragraphs, supposedly to fit in with the lazy audience of today :lol: I'm wondering what CC's policy on this is?

I have a suspicion that the web article style would sell better, even if I am more old school in my approach! I have my doubts CC would accept an article like this though, so I'm wondering what people's thoughts are? Do any of you write in the web style?
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