A request to write without the word You

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A request to write without the word You

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I submitted an article titled "Are You a New Immigrant? You Need to Avoid Rejections On Your First Credit Card Applications." It was rejected for these reasons:

Rephrase to remove you and your. You could say, "New Immigrants and Credit Card Applications: How to Avoid Rejection

"You, you're, your is something you will need to address in the rest of article. Rephrase sentences so that the article doesn't sound like a conversation.

This probably isn't a new requirement at Constant-Content because I submitted two other articles that day with the word You in the title, and they were accepted.

I looked up average New York Times articles to see what they did. They came with titles like "5 Cheap(ish) Things to Help You Sleep Better" and "Are You Sitting Down? Standing Desks Are Overrated." NYT self-help articles are about 600 words and have about 20-40 instances of "You" in the body. My articles are about the same.

It would be very strange to write without the word You. What should I do?
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