A couple of questions

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A couple of questions

Post by hurricane_sh »

1. After I bought an article, I couldn't view the summary of the article any more, is it possible to keep it? Currently I have to save it on my computer before order an article, hard to manage when I buy several articles at one time.

2. Can I add a note to an "article request" after I submitted it?

3. When I answer a question, is the reply viewable to all writers or only to the one who asked the question? If it's open to all writers, I can use it as additional note to my request.

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Post by Nessiee »

I'm not sure about the answers to your other questions, but I know when someone asks a question in the requests I can read both the question and the answer, even when I didn't ask the question myself.
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Post by hurricane_sh »

Thanks, Nessiee. That's very helpful.
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Post by constant-content »

We don't save the summery for the customer, but we can add this to our list of things to do in the future. Right now if you need the summery you can email us and we can send it to you. Just include the article name.

Currently you can't modify a request after its been submitted. We need to approve all requests so this is our way of making sure we know what's in each request. Your best bet in this case is to delete the request and resubmit it.

All writers can see all Q&A's, unless the request is private.

Hope that helps.
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Post by vjlenin »

I thought I should add one more point to that. I am an author here. When I write content, I do write it in my style, well researched and well written, as exactly as any other successful writer would. but, when I write the summary, it's just a one minute work like i write in forums. I usually add it at the submission time itself. Only about two or three sentences at the most. I guess that summary is not much important to you. You can write it yourself, needn't get it along with the article or even save it. At least my summaries are not very important. :lol: