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Even Better Idea.

Post by nunnmom »

Give the authors a place to put a link to other articles they have published on the web. Than buyers such as the one who started this conversation, can see an example through the link.
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Post by mattsterrr »

I agree it would be a good idea.

I think libertate believes this is a freelance marketplace and that s/he is buying the service of an author and not buying an article.

Comparing buying literary work to buying anything apart from literary work isn't going to work, it's unique. But if you want to, try drinking a pint of lager and then refusing to pay because you decided you don't like lager.

More pertinently, go into a book shop and demand to read "Guards, Guards" by Terry Pratchett without buying it because you are thinking about buying "Mort" also by Pratchett. I'm guessing that you wouldn't make it past page 5.

Go into a newsagents and read the Tribune newspaper because you're thinking about buying the Herald.
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Post by thomask »

mattsterrr wrote:If you buy a DVD because you like the cover, you can't return it because the film's crap. Same with a book. The two to three paragraphs you get is the same as the blurb on the back of a book or a trailer for a movie.

Actually, I can, any good retailer I buy a movie from will allow me to return the DVD, VHS or software (less ussual for software I will agree), for a reasonable purpose.

I can rent the movie before I buy it, and at Blockbuster, I can purchase, watch, then return it, saving me the rental, and giving me the option of not returning it if it isnt complete crap. :roll:

How about this, a money back guarentee on the article you write. And publishers pony up the site they *INTEND* to use it on, that way if it shows up, you can tell. CC could even act as a middle ground, those funds being refunded would be held in trust for 30 days or so.