Please Allow Purchase of Multiple "Best Offer" Articles

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Please Allow Purchase of Multiple "Best Offer" Articles

Post by Karlonia »

As a frequent purchaser of Constant Content articles, I often use the "Best Offer" feature to negotiate more reasonable prices before making payment. However, at present there is a technical limitation that only allows me to purchase one article at a time by clicking the "Buy Now" button from within the "Sent Offers" list in my customer account. There does not seem to be any way to put these articles into the shopping cart like I can for those that are selected directly from the article pages on the site. This means that I must pay for one article at a time. Currently I have about 25-30 article offers that have been accepted and are awaiting purchase from my account, but I would really like to be able to buy some of these in groups of five to ten.

I could, of course, click the "Buy Now" button for each article and make many separate purchases in succession, but I am reluctant to do this for two reasons:

1) This is very tedious when you have 10 or more articles to buy. I have to go back through the PayPal screen each time, enter username and password, etc.

2) I have had problems with PayPal in the past and still do not fully trust them (my account was limited for "unusual activity" after a relatively large purchase was made back in 2004 and it took about one and a half years before I managed to get back in business with a new PayPal account). I am worried about the possibility that making too many purchases in one day from the same site could trigger an "unusual activity" flag and get my account frozen. Because PayPal has a near-monopoly status on payment processing when it comes to purchasing articles from freelancers or content sites, this would severely limit my access to outsourced content and pretty much ruin my whole business plan (or at least make it very, very difficult).

Meanwhile, because I cannot purchase more than one "Best Offer" article at a time and don't want to risk problems from PayPal's end, I have been limiting myself to one or two purchases per day. However, this has resulted in losses of several articles that I otherwise would have bought due to authors retracting their offers after a few days or other customers making full rights purchases, which results in the articles becoming unavailable for purchase. This situation has become very frustrating for me, so I have been looking for other sites that can meet my content needs at a faster rate and a better price.

However, I would continue to use Constant Content purchases for many of the daily entries on my main site if there were just some way to purchase more than one "Best Offer" article in one session. If possible, please have your website technicians look into a solution for this.


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Re: Please Allow Purchase of Multiple "Best Offer" Articles

Post by audrabianca »

We really appreciate your business!

A lot of us write for multiple sites. Each content site has advantages and disadvantages, but I think our staff will do a great job in considering your request since they are focused on growing the site.