Would you customers be intrested in this idea.

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Nick Schwab
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Would you customers be intrested in this idea.

Post by Nick Schwab »

I was just thinking a litte more about this....

The article/story etc. could be mailed to constant-content at the set deadline, with all other met requirments. Then this site looks at it, and verifies these were made. Then the product and the money are swapped through this site.
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Hi Nick -

there are many bidding sites out there and we don't want to become one of them. These sites are plagued with poor writers and people who plagiarize. We regulate both of these they way we have our system setup.
Nick Schwab
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Post by Nick Schwab »

Thanks for the response, but bidding or third party contact is not really what I mean.

I have thought this out a little bit more, and I do really, really like your site, and I hope you do not take this as an insult.

I guess to get a little more into it:

Customers first look at your free writer samples. Then if this writing sample is the sort of stuff they like, they would then contact you through Constant-Content and make a proposal/contract for another piece in the area you specialize in (example, movie/music reviews.

The web-contract is then laid out for word count, due date, money, whether it is an exclusive right, or full rights etc.

The writer writes and meets all requirements. They then sent it to this site, which verifies the content. The buyer is contacted. The buyer then pays the writer. Once the writer verifies the payment has been received, Constant-Content then gives the buyer the piece.

With this constant-content gets paid a percentage of the money, but technically does not assume responsibility for a break of contract— much like amazon.com does when you buy something from their private sellers. They get the money, they provide the one-time connection, but they are not responsible legally.

However, you ask…”What if the contract is unfulfilled.”

Well first, the writer will never get the bad end, that much, because if they buyer does not pay, they may have wasted time, yes, but they give no story.

However, if the writer does not do his part, he is not paid. The writer also gets bad rating by the buyer (this rating could be silent if wanted, to save problems.) Alternatively, vice-versa, if the story turns out to be bad.

If your rating is too low, for too long, you probably will not get many contracts. This is not much different than the 1/3 you are shown in the sample of the piece, because the story could always run out of stem by then.

Time is a factor; buyers can make sure that the deadline is short. Quality is another, the sample pieces are given and this shows the buyer what the writer is capable of.

This will probably lower prices made by seller because they know each piece is not a wasted effort, while they try their hardest to write it to please their buyer.

I feel it is win-win.
Again, I am not trying to be a bother; I am just giving my opinion. I really do love this site, and I plan to use it often.
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Post by mattsterrr »

I believe concerns over rating issues have been raised before. Specifically, writing and, more specifically, a person's perception of a writing style is unique. One might love an article someone has written whereas somebody else might hate it.

I'm not entirely certain the site's remit covers what you want it to. Generally speaking, the free content is taken by webmasters willing to include a link to your site or email because they have very little or absolutely no budget and they then use it exactly as is. It isn't meant as a portfolio piece or an indicator as to your style of work. Similarly, providing free work isn't likely to encourage the same people to pay for work. Why would they pay when they can get it free?

A lot of customers presumably enjoy the fact that they can request work and then have several responses to consider. They can view each of the samples and decide which, if any, of the articles they deem suitable.

That said, the private request does exist.

I think Ed's concern is that offering a portfolio for each writer will inevitably include an email address or web address. This gives customers the opportunity to contact writers directly, effectively cutting out constant-content from the middle.

The fact that things really seem to be hotting up in terms of sites like doityourself coming on board and buying masses of content, and the fact that there are clearly a lot of gifted writers that use the site is testament to how well the site currently operates. I can't help but think "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".