A couple suggestions/feature requests

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A couple suggestions/feature requests

Post by Imran »

CC is by far the best content sourcing site I have visited. However I have some suggestions in mind that may make it even better and more user friendly.

It would be nice if after buying an article that has been added to the wishlist, it should automatically be removed from said list or at least show a message in the list next to the price like 'you own a license', how it does when we view an article we have bought. This would be useful throughout the site especially for articles where we have bought usage licenses.

Some sort options in the wishlist would be nice. Like the advanced search feature. Or you could add the wishlist to the list of categories that way we could search it also. The ability to filter search results by those articles that accept ‘Best Offer’ would be a great addition.

The ability to add a custom amount to the wallet should entice more users to add and use the wallet feature. This will help prevent having that odd amount left in it.

Search by date added and sort by newest added articles.

Link from users profile in forum to author page (only for authors obviously).

Lastly I feel that sorting abilities overall are very much needed throughout the site.

I had a few more ideas but can’t seem to remember them. Anyways I’ll update the post as I can.
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