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About Full Rights!

Post by Publisher0 »

Once my article is downloaded under full rights it will no longer appear on your website right?

By this I'm asking that, nobody can purchase it from you anymore under any license no matter what it is, and the article is now %100 mine.

Another reason I ask this is beacuse when I preview it within my account, under download your content the options to still buy it under usage and unique still appear.

Is there a way of deleting it off of you site, or is it off of your site for any purchase no matter what the purchase option is?

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Post by constant-content »

If you purchase a Unique or Full Right license the article is instantly removed from the site never to be sold again
. You can still see it under your account but no one else can.

Also the article can not be sold else where by the writer under these two licenses.

Thank you
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