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Service request

Post by avvocatiassociati »

I need you write for me "questions" for an attorney. Just the questions (not
the answer! :-)
The category can be what you want.(injury, divorce, accident, any legal question)
For any doubt and for your offer please email me.
My email is

Here you are two examples:
1) My mother is currently on Medicaid. She has Alzheimer's disease. We have
been informed that she will be receiving a inheritance from a recently
deceased family member. How does this work with Medicaid? I know that she
will no longer will be eligible for Medicaid. But what happens with this
money? Do they have the right to monitor her money? Tell us how this money
can be used?
2)We added one of my children to the deed on our property via a quitclaim
deed. We signed at home with no witnesses or notary. My husband died in 2006
of cancer. I want to sell the farm and move, but my daughter wants it all.
Do I have any recourse to get my farm back? I will sell it to her, but she
says it is already hers.

Any question can be about 80/100 words long, and must contain some keywords like: attorney, question, answer for free, lawyer...
please let me know if any writer of you can supply this service to me and the price for each 5 question (about 400-450 words). I want to buy about 150 questions.

thank you very much
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Re: Service request

Post by nichewriter »

Hi. You will need to make a public request for this. If you have not done so yet, create a buyer account and then from there, you can create a public request. Once your public request is approved, it will go out to CC authors.