Article rejected because summary was 29 words instead of 30

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Article rejected because summary was 29 words instead of 30

Post by Judith »

This is a first for me. In over 2,400 articles, I have never had one rejected because the summary was a single word too short. My short summary was 29 words. Here is my rejection message:

Hello. The short summary must be a minimum of 30 words and accurately describe what the article is about. View ... _guide.pdf *Look under Writer Guidelines

And my short summary clearly described what my article is about. This is my third rejection in the past week, which is more than I've had in a year. I think they have all been by the same editor, and each has been for odd reasons. One was for a two-word heading that the editor felt should have "The" in front of it. The other rejection was because the editor seemed to have a different opinion about something in the article. I deleted both of those articles and will probably delete this one too. Is anyone else experiencing odd rejections?
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Re: Article rejected because summary was 29 words instead of

Post by Gauderbock »

I've got to admit I've never once counted my summary words. I did go through a period of having summaries rejected for having less than three sentences, even though I couldn't find that stipulation anywhere.

These things seem to come in bursts, presumably an eager new editor who soon gets a bit more jaded and permissive ;)

I usually just go with the flow and make the minor edits to keep them happy.
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