I Wish I'd Discovered CC Earlier!

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I Wish I'd Discovered CC Earlier!

Post by AnnaL »

I just wanted to share my little CC victory! I learned about Constant Content last fall, and joined on November 23rd. My first article sold on December 8th. I've been writing casually in the evening and on the weekend, outside of my day job. I've focused almost entirely on topics that I'm actually interested in, that I am already familiar with, or that I've been wanting to know more about, and...

Last week I took a nine-day trip to Central America, funded entirely by my Constant Content earnings! I won't pretend it was a five-star resort, but I got to swim with dolphins, dive with sharks and read a lot of books in my hammock! Now I'm saving for a summer holiday (and the eventual taxes I'm going to have to pay on all this extra income!). I am beyond amazed that I've been able to make two of my hobbies (traveling and writing) essentially fund themselves!
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Re: I Wish I'd Discovered CC Earlier!

Post by Isabelnewth »

Well done, and thanks for posting a happy comment! I am searching desperately for reasons to be cheerful!
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Re: I Wish I'd Discovered CC Earlier!

Post by Lysis »

I wish I had known about it when I had a real job and used it for extras. LOL I kinda use the money as extra money too but it's more like backup when things are slow on Upwork. Last year, I bought a computer on CC earnings. It's nice for extra cash.

I took a year off once and wrote nothing but had a little bit come in each month from sales.
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