Resubmitting Articles That Were Taken Down

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Resubmitting Articles That Were Taken Down

Post by cmcmahon66 »

Last year I took down a number of articles that had been languishing unsold, thinking that I would try to do something else with them. I'd like to put them back up on Constant Content but I'm worried about them getting rejected or even getting banned because it seems to be duplicate material. My Questions:

Has anyone else put articles back on CC after taking them down, without rewriting them? Did they get accepted or were there problems?

Is there any way to notify the person reviewing your submission that it's a resubmission of a previously approved, but never sold or published, article?

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Re: Resubmitting Articles That Were Taken Down

Post by Lysis »

You should probably make sure they aren't copied somewhere. Just take a few sentences from different paragraphs and put them into Google.

I've deleted old rejections and put them back up new and haven't had a problem, but they never were open to the public so couldn't have gotten stolen.
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Re: Resubmitting Articles That Were Taken Down

Post by Gauderbock »

You could also put a clearly-marked 'note to editor' in the short summary section explaining the situation - but ensure that this is deleted after approval, as the editors don't always do it.

I also slightly tweak the title, just to ensure it's unique, although I'm not sure if this is necessary.
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