Writing several similar but distinct articles?

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Writing several similar but distinct articles?

Post by WilliamW »

Hello all!

I'm pretty new here and just getting my feet wet in the CC puddle, as it were! Sorry if this has already been asked before but I searched the forum and couldn't seem to find it anywhere.

Something I was wondering about is writing several articles which are quite similar in topic/format but distinct enough to be unique, and if this is acceptable? I suppose it's hard to define where the line is so here's an example: Say I were to write three articles on 'The Five Best Markets to Visit in ___' and used a different city in each article, would that be acceptable? This isn't something I'd want to do often as I don't just want to be churning out a lot of repetitive material even if the content is different, but I wondered if people do this occasionally if they have good ideas for what to write for each one? It seems like it could be a good way to write several articles fairly quickly as the research would be related.

Thanks in advance guys! :D
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