Newbie Question about Public Requests

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Newbie Question about Public Requests

Post by Karva »

Hello! My first article was accepted this morning and I decided to write some more for catalogue and public requests. I noticed that the number of 'call for articles' is just a handful and they seem to be kind of stagnated. They don't get snapped up as quickly as I had thought they would. I'm pretty sure I've been seeing the same ones for the last four or five days. And there's just barely a page of them. Are public requests really that unpopular and rare? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Or are newer ones just picked up so quickly that I never see them? Or am I only allowed to see a limited number of them till I get to my 5 article milestone?
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Re: Newbie Question about Public Requests

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I don't think I can answer all your questions, but sometimes there aren't very many public requests, and at other times there are plenty. You could try writing Christmas-themed articles for the general pool and hope someone buys them, seeing as the end of the year is approaching.

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