Question about a Request (Blood Malignancies)

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Question about a Request (Blood Malignancies)

Post by OTMicah »

Is this request for articles on the subjects of the conference mentioned? It sounds more like an open invitation for attendees. Besides that, I clicked on the download and got requirements for several articles - but they all had to do with drug and alcohol addiction. Wishing I had listened to my inner voice saying not to click the download button...
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Re: Question about a Request (Blood Malignancies)

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If this request is part of a writer pool, go to your "My Projects" page and look for it. It is possible that you will find more instructions there.
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Re: Question about a Request (Blood Malignancies)

Post by ScriptMaster »

The document that downloads actually belongs to another project, so there appears to be a bug in the system.

I suggest you contact the people who posted the request. Looks to me as if they are looking for articles to include in some promo material for the conference. I assume they will need to allocate articles to writers; otherwise, several writers could end up[ submitting work on the same topic.
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