1200 words for under $60?

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1200 words for under $60?

Post by light87 »

Hey everyone,

I recently got invited to a project that pays $0.029 per word... after commission. There's a lot of content, but yeah that price per word though!

Are there any benefits to accepting these kinds of projects? Like, if I do 10 articles at that price, and they all get auto-bought, will that increase my sales or reputation or something for my normal articles?
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Re: 1200 words for under $60?

Post by Lysis »

Most people I speak with don't know that there is a 35% commission.
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Re: 1200 words for under $60?

Post by LauraGinn »

That's just under the rate I charge clients in the world outside of CC. So I guess writers all have their own rates that they're happy with.
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