On-spec sales at an all-time low

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On-spec sales at an all-time low

Post by UKWriter101 »

Hello fellow writers!

Has anyone else experienced a huge drop in on-spec sales in the last few months? In the last month in particular, I've been doing a lot more on-spec work than usual and even lowered my prices, but I'm hardly getting any sales or even article views. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of private clients at the moment, but catalogue sales are lower for me than I've ever known them to be, since starting to write for CC back in 2011. Perhaps it's just a bad time of year, but it would be nice to hear your thoughts on this.
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Re: On-spec sales at an all-time low

Post by Lysis »

I can't really comment because I haven't written regularly like I did last year around this time. I've been doing OK but I've raised my prices and I've been targeting stuff that isn't done to death. I still do the common stuff, but my problem is that I keep writing longer articles that take longer to sell. I keep trying to find time to write more to keep a steady flow of uploads here, but I only have 1 in the queue.
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