Old-Newbie Question

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Old-Newbie Question

Post by lilmisssunshine »

I signed up for CC a LONG time ago and never really did anything with it. I'm not entirely sure about the process now, but at
the time, you needed to have 3 articles accepted and didn't receive feedback when something wasn't accepted. I remember
being frustrated because my article was being kicked back and in retrospect, I think it was due to font or something fairly silly.

My account now says that I have one article leftover from this time and it says that I can send emails because I've had 5 accepted.
I honestly don't recall those 5 being accepted, but does this mean that I'm all good to submit an article or two a day? My understanding
from reading the forums is that approval can take a long time, and I'm not entirely sure if I should wait it out or wait for feedback.
If I wasn't allowed to submit as many as I wanted, would it block me from doing so? Just trying to get a feel for things.


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Re: Old-Newbie Question

Post by Isabelnewth »

Hi there, I am answering in case this gets overlooked as it seems to have just appeared, although, as it was posted last week, it's not showing up as the latest post. It would really be better if the posts appeared in the order in which they are actually allowed through to the forum because people who have joined recently can find their posts take a while to get through and are then unanswered.

Anyhoo...I think you can submit as many as you want and they will no doubt tell you if that's wrong. Personally I would not submit at a frantic rate to start with, till you get a feel for the way the site works and the things they pick up on, since you don't want more rejections than necessary, and everyone gets some of those.

Good luck!
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Re: Old-Newbie Question

Post by Lysis »

Hi there,

I'm like you. On and off CC since 2009. Actually came back more full force last year. I remember the days of "WTF FORMAT FONT" rejections. :D

Maybe they grandfathered you in. Now, there is a writing test required and a wait period for acceptance. Maybe they cleared everyone who has been here for a time regardless of how many articles they wrote.
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Re: Old-Newbie Question

Post by ReneeF »

I have font issues here where articles I post in Times roman (or any other font) display in a myriad of fonts inside the editor. I have to fix that, each and every time. so dont worry about it. the new editor program is something of a goofball we have to contend with. Welcome back.

I too signed up a few years ago and did nothing till about 9 months ago. Welcome to the fun club of being the new not-new addition. we should get t-shirts.
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